Stephen Hawking


If there is someone who can show the world that it does not take much beyond a dedicated mind, in order to overcome all challenges, it is Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking is a physicist, cosmologist, professor and a scientist by profession. He is a 76 year old personality with date of birth as 8th January 1942. He was born to Frank and Isobel Hawking and both of his parents are Oxford graduates, which is his birth place. He has three other siblings.

Stephen’s parents wanted him to choose medicine as his career but his interest in cosmology did not allow him to do so. He was the brilliant student of his time, he did not use to score good but brilliant in the sense that he used to create his own games; he even constructed a computer to solve puzzles. He got himself enrolled in Oxford with a wish to study maths but later diverted his mind to physics as Oxford did not offer Maths course. He was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and was expected to die in 2 years but his courage did not let him down and he completed his P.H.D. He got married though his married life was not great.

Personal Life

The great scientist was born to an intelligent family with parents both graduated from Oxford. During his early age, his interests were into dancing and rowing. He was brilliant with an innovative mind to discover new things and games for himself.

Stephen married Jane Wilde in 1965 and became a father of three by 1979, the married life was going good till he got attracted towards Elaine Mason, following which his first marriage got ended with divorce and the scientist got married to Elaine in 1995 and the couple filed divorce in 2006. He was also a TV personality as he gave a guest appearance in The Big Bang Theory and a film on his first married life was released and named as ‘The Theory of Everything’. Stephen tried his best to make science a public concept and to spread awareness among people about science with his another project “Genius”. He also discovered a device for people suffering with ALS , a device for picking waves of electrical brain signals.


Hawking’s disability did not affect his career and he is a best known scientist and a cosmologist of his time. His thesis on topic Properties of Expanding Universes broke the record, as soon as the university made it public on the website, the website got crashed due to huge demand. He did a lot of research on gravity with different experiences in space without any gravitational force. With his theories, he concluded that human race will have no space on Earth. With his appearance in films and TV Series, he got fame and his only motive was to educate people about science and Universe and to inspire them to learn the same. He discovered iBrain device as a great relief for those suffering from ALS.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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