Darrell Ward

Darell Ward is a popular personality of the television industry. He is a renowned television actor of the industry. He rose to fame when he was starred in a popular reality show.

Personal life

Darell Ward was born in the year 1964 on August 13th. He was born and raised in Missoula, Montana. He was born to his American parents. He was the second child of his parents. Darell grew up with his elder brother and two younger sisters. He was born in a middle class family and both his parents worked in the industrial sector. They lived in a suburb area of the town and thus, Darell was sent to a local school. He went to the school along with his siblings.

When Darell was eleven years old, Darell’s father met an accident due to which his whole body got paralysed. Due to the physical disability of the body, his father could not work further. The financial condition of the family soon worsened. The expenses of the family, including the expense of treatment of his father was completely dependent on the income of his mother. Though his mother did overtime, it was still becoming very hard for her to manage. Darell wanted to support his family by doing some part time jobs but his elder brother did not allow him to do so. Instead, his elder brother gave up on his education and started doing a job.

Darell continued his education but as he was an average student, he decided not to go further with his bachelor’s education. He always had a knack for acting and drama from early childhood; he wanted to pursue this as a career option. Darell nurtured his acting talent and along with that, he also took a pilot training. To fund his course, he did a part time job of a truck driver. He also went to regular acting classes. We could gather very little information about his personal life from his biography.

Darell married Gwen Ward in the year 2012. The couple had dated each other for a long time before getting into a marital relationship. The couple was also blessed with two children and named them as Terra Ward and Reno Ward. When Darell was flying Cessna 182 along with another pilot Mark Melotz, owing to some technical faults in the engine of the plane, the plane crashed down and Darell died. The agency failed to determine the exact cause of the engine failure.

According to them, they failed to detect the cause why the plane took the right turn before landing. Till now, there is no confirmation regarding the exact reason behind his death. As he passed away at a very young age, his net worth is not known in the social media. Darell is not active on social media but there are a number of articles about him over the internet.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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