Charles Osgood

Charles was born on January 8th, 1993 and Charles Osgood is regarded as one of the finest television and radio commentator in America with a long experience and creditable achievement behind him. He is famous for quite a few achievements as a commentator and his daily program The Osgood File has been on the air bhy CBS Radio Network from 1971. He also has quite a few other achievements to his credit and therefore it would be better to find out more about his biography. Charles was the host of the famous CBS News Sunday Morning and he was in this role for 22 long years starting from April 10, 1994 to September 25, 2016.

Early Life

Born in Bronx, Osgood did not spend much time here. He moved with his family to Baltimore, Maryland and settled in a neighborhood of Maryland. He did his schooling from St Cecilia High School in Eaglewood, New Jersey. He has some vivid memories of growing up during World War II and it has been well documented in his work by the name Defending Baltimore Against Enemy Attack, which he brought out in 2004. Osgood completed his graduation from Fordham University in 1954 and obtained a bachelor degree in science and a degree in economics.

Personal Life

Charles Osgood now stays at Eaglewood, New Jersey and he is married long time to Jean Crafton. He has five children out of his marriage to Crafton and they also have three grandchildren as the third generation. The names of his children are Kathleen, Anne-E, Jamie, Emily and Winston. He has a good working relationship with his nephew Christopher Mangum, who is an Emmy Award winning composer. He has composed some film themes in company with Christopher Mangum. So apart from being a newscaster, Charles also has done quite a bit in other fields too.


It would not be interesting to have a look at the eventful and find out how he was able to move the success stories as a dedicated and hardworking person. As far as early career days are concerned, Charles Osgood he was better known by his original name Charles Wood or Charles O. Wood. His early days as a volunteer for WFUV radio station helped him to become successful over the years. After graduating from Fordham, Osgood his first assignment was with WGMS (AM) and here is worked as an announcer. In 1991 he also had the privilege of working as announcer for the United States Army Band.

Osgood has had a string of other assignments too but his tenure with ABC was perhaps the most defining in terms of his fame, popularity and success. His later career with CBS is also something that has made him quite popular in more ways than one. He continued with them for 22 long years before ill health made him retire from this glorious service which still continues to get lot of respect and accolades.

Net Worth

Charle’s net worth should be around $1.5 million and this truly impressive considering the fact that reporting, broadcasting and commentating was not as paying as it is today. He has invested his earnings quite well and therefore, at the age of 85 he is sitting quite pretty, so long as his finances is concerned.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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