Alex Sensation

Not many Hispanic people have been able to achieve success in the music field as that of Alex Sensation. His actual name at birth was Javier Alexander Salazar. He was born in Bogota, Colombia. However, his exact year and date of birth is not known due to various reasons and perhaps because he wants to keep it secret. Not even his best friends and family members know about his date of birth.

He migrated to USA when he was very young. Over the years, he has become a reputed musician and when we look at his biography we will know that he is an award winning musician. He also happens to be one of the most successful and popular Hispanic DJs in New York. Hence, it would be better to learn more about his life and career and perhaps also look at his childhood.

Early Life

There is complete lack of information and transparency as far as his early life and childhood is concerned. Nothing is known about his education and childhood. The names of his parents are also known to many. However, there are a few reports which suggest that Alex Sensation has a brother. Even his wiki page does not share anything much about his early life.

Personal Life

Though there are only sketchy details regarding the personal life of Alex Sensation, it is a fact that he is married but the name of his wife is still a secret because he does not want to share it. He and his wife have a son out of their marriage and therefore, it would be right to guess that their marriage life has been quite successful. He was in love with his wife before marriage and according to some sources, they dated for long sixteen years before getting married. He also is quite active on social media and you will find quite a few pictures of his. However, none of his pictures are about his family and this aspect of Alex Sensation continues to be sensational.


He is a very successful DJ and today, he is known to host many programs and one such program, which is quite popular is La Original Mega Mezcla and there is also another one by the name La Mega Mezcla Sabado Sensation. He also has hosted many music functions and events in the Madison Square Gardens and this also has helped his career, quite a bit.

For his contribution to music, Alex Sensation has received many awards and these include Global Spin Award, Latin Mix Award, and also the famous ACE award which is given by the association of Latin Entertainment Critics. He also has worked as a moderator and is known to lend other Latin American immigrants to move ahead and succeed in their respective areas of life. He also has quite a few albums on YouTube and his song La Mala Y La Buena became quite popular when it was released in the year 2016.

Net Worth

Sensation’s net worth is around $2 million and this is quite impressive for a Latin American immigrant who came to USA with nothing. He has many years to go and therefore his net worth will certainly go up in the coming years.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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