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Janelle Monae is a famous and beautiful actress and a nominee of various awards. She is a 1985 born model with a drug addicted father who was a truck driver and mother as a janitor. Janelle is proud of her parents and their hard work. She wears black-and-white tuxedo as a honour to her parents. She started writing at a very early age and completed a story when she was only 12.

She is of black ethnicity and was the only black girl in the class, during her high school days. On a promotional tour for her music, she found two other songwriters and later they started promotions together. The well known producer Diddy liked her work and called her to his label Bad Boy Records. His search for an innovative singer got ended up with Janelle. She made an entry in acting as well with film Moonlight in 2016

Personal Life

Janelle Monae is a United States born on 1st December. She does not have any siblings and is the only child. She is a very confident actress with confidence filled in her from the early age. During her childhood, she joined Kansas City's Coterie Theater Young Playwrights' Round Table and wrote numerous stories and plays. The actress was awarded with the scholarship from F.L. Schlagle High School to acquire knowledge about musical theater from New York city.

Her creativity dragged her out from the academy. Along with releasing her albums, she was called as a guest on Saturday Night Live. Janelle was in relationship with MC Lyte, but she is probably single now. Janelle Monae is a singer who wanted to give music a different meaning so that the listener can calm their soul and can feel motivated with her music. Few of her songs on the top list are “Call the Law”, “Call the Law” and many more. Her album “The ArchAndroid” got her nominated for awards. Monae’s acting talent was appreciated by her fans and everyone liked her the albums the most, she got successful in a very short span of time.


to talk about her careear, Janelle’s career started in her childhood as she was talented in singing and acting, she always received a lot of fame. Every single, album or film was hits. Her luck might have played an outstanding role but her hard work and efforts were enough to take her to height, she finds herself in. After signing a contract with Bad Boy Records, she managed to create a album alone named as “Metropolis”.

Her album “The ArchAndroid” multiplied the number of her fans and provided him with more public attention. After moonlight, she was appeared in “Hidden Figures”, a biopic and that was the hit as others. She has numerous awards and nominations for her roles in movies and multiple TV Series. It was her dream to be a singer and she achieved it. She is known for her creative work and is a daring personality who loves to create challenging work.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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