Barry Manilow

Born on June 17th, 1943 Barry Manilow is a famous and highly respected arranger, singer, song writer, producer and musician. He has a famous career which spreads across for 50 years. He has some super hits including numbers such as “Can’t Smile Without You” and “Mandy” and a host of others. During his long career he has recorded around forty seven top singles. 12 of these numbers were on the number one chart for quite some time and twenty seven featured amongst the top ten which certainly is a creditable achievement. Therefore when it comes to writing his biography there is quite a bit that one could write about. We will however, have a look at a brief overview of his life and achievements.

Early Life

He was born in Brooklyn, New York and was born to his mother Edna Manilow and father Harold Pincus. He graduated from Eastern District High School in 1961 and ironically the school closed down in 1995. He also studied in the New York College Of Music. He had to bear his college expenses and do that he worked in CBS. When studying he is reportedly known to have married Susan Dexter but the marriage fell apart in two years. The reason according to grapevine was because of his sexual orientation and his relationship with a man. However, Barry Manilow has vehemently denied it later and has expressed his deep love for Susan Dexter. Leaving this episode behind he studied Music Theater from the famous Juilliard Performing Arts School.

Personal Life

In 1978 Barry Manilow is supposed to have begun a relationship with Garry Kief who was a TV executive. He soon became his manager. They got married in 2014 when same sex marriage was given legal status in California. The relationship was kept a secret and was known to the public only in 2015. He had kept the relationship secret because he would perhaps offend his large female fan base. However, most of his female supporters were not offended by his marriage to Garry Kief and this certainly was a big new for Barry Manilow. Hence his personal life is one of great interest and excitement as far as this aspect is concerned.

Net Worth

As far as the net worth of Barry Manilow is concerned, it is huge and must be in excess of $100 million which is humungous to say the least.


His careers are so big and so diversified that it would not be possible to list down everything and it would require quite a number of pages to do so. There are literally dozens of small and big screen appearances ever since he started stealing the limelight from 1972. The Tonight Show for example with Bette Midler is extremely famous and set him on the stage for the big league. He also was famous for his performances in the The Barry Manlow Special Show in 1977 and 1978. His career growth can be broadly segmented decade wise starting from 1970 to the 2000s. The best way to know more about it would be to spend some time looking at his various appearances on the small and big screen.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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