If you are a movie buff, it would be rare if you didn't knew who Anjelah Johnson was! Anjelah Johnson, a cheerleader turned actress, was born on 14th May, 1982. Anjelah started her career being cheerleader for National Football League, then switching being actress and is currently, a standup comedian. She is well known for her acting and production of movies The Book of Life, Enough Said and few more.

Personal Life:

Anjelah Johnson belongs to San Jose, California and was raised in Christian faith. She had four siblings in her whole family, two being her real sisters and had a huge family which she states is very close to her family! Johnson was in cheerleading when she was just 8 years and along with this, she also had interests in playing soccer and softball. She completed her high school and learnt acting and her forte was copying various accents. Johnson attended her college in De Anza and completed her degree in speech communication.

She got married on 11th June 2011 to a lead singer of Group 1 Crew. Manwell Reyes is the man of her life, whom she is still happily married to and has no thoughts of parting with him. They do not have kids; Johnson states they both do not wish to have children. They consider their nieces and nephews to be their own children and enjoy spending time with them. 


Johnson was a cheerleader for Oakland Raiders, which was carried out in 2002. She was awarded with the tag of rookie, the same year. She had received fan following, from being a cheerleader! However, that was not her dream and she moved to Los Angeles. She started with her dream career in acting. She was the main members for 13th season of famous TV series MADtv.

A few years later, Johnson was quite known to all because of release of her 1st video “Nail Salon”. Success of her 1st video opened the doors of success for her; another successful video had 65 million viewers worldwide named “Bon Qui Qui.” This video included three solo songs and music videos were two, which invited a deal with Warner Bros for a single album to be recorded “Gold Plated Dreams”, also setting new records for Johnson.

With two successful videos, she came with collaboration in hand to hand with Benefit Cosmetics for next musical video. All of her music videos have been world famous and can still be viewed on YouTube. Johnson came up with her third standup comedy video “Not Fancy” which made records on a different level adding up her videos to Netflix.

She has been quite active on her social networking sites, on twitter and instagram with 337.6k followers. She shares the release and success of her on her social sites @anjelahjohnson. Anjelah Johnson now 36 has earned quite a lot money and fame from her acting and standup comedy career. She has a net worth of $5 million, which is quite substantial, we must say!

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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