In the movie industry, Clytie Lane is not a very popular name but she is quite well known for being the ex girlfriend of Nick Rolte, a renowned American actor who also used to be a professional model. But that is not the only thing she is known for. Clytie Lane is also recognised for playing the role of Cheryl in the independent movie called “Coffee Date” which was released in 2006. Her performance in the movie was nothing short of exceptional.

Clytie was born in United Kingdom. She is British by nationality. She is of white ethnicity. Moving on to personal life, very little is known about her. It is believed that Clytie Lane is not old and is in her 30s currently. What we do know is that she is single at the moment. Her rise to fame happened when she got together with Nick Rolte. At the time, Nick was a famous actor and model and him dating Clytie, brought her in the radar of the media. Clytie and Nick never married though. They used to be in a love in relationship.

 On the 3rd of October in 2007 Clytie bore her and Nick’s child. It was a lovely girl who they named Sophie Lane. At that time, Nick Rolte was 66! Clytie has not been seen publicly with Nick and Sophie in a long time. The last time they were seen together was in 2013, when the three went to visit a fair which was held at Malibu in California.

Once in 2010, Nick was admitted to a rehab. At the time he was apparently very badly addicted not only to alcohol but also to drugs. During his rehab time, Clytie went to pay him a visit. At the time Clytie and Nick had already separated. From this it is evident that although they had broken up, Clytie and Nick share an amicable relationship. She told the media that she had gone to join him for an outing and to talk some sense into him.

Though they have separated a long time back very little is known about the details of their relationship. There is no source that says where they first met or even how! Even the reason for their separation is unknown to us as of yet. About Clyties love life after her breakup with Rolte; all that is known is that she has not been in another relationship. At present, she is living a single life.


 There is little to none information on Clytie’s career as well. According to a few sources, she is an actress by profession. However, the only record of her acting career is her role in the 2006 movie, Coffee Date, where she plays the character, Cheryl. She has not been seen in any other movies of even TV shows. News or updates on her wealth is a mystery as well and no one can say what her net worth is as of 2017. She is not known to use social networking sites either.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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