Born on the 18th of December in 1974, Kari Byron is an accomplished woman. She is an American TV host. She is well known for her role in the Discovery Channel original TV show, Mythbusters and also in the Netflix show, White Rabbit Project. Kari is also an artist.

Personal life

 She was born as Kari Elizabeth Byron in Santa Clara County in California, US. She went to school there. After passing out from her junior high school, she attended the Los Gatos High School situated in Los Gatos, California. After graduating from high school, she went on to study at the San Francisco State University.

She graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in film and sculpture. She also received the prestigious honour of a magna cum laude, which is a Latin term meaning “with great honour”. This title is awarded when students within the top 10-15% of their class graduate. After completing her education, she went backpacking for a year, mainly in South Asia. During this time, she was involved in a lot of art projects. In March of 2006, Byron married fellow artist, Paul Ulrich.

After marrying Paul Ulrich, Kari took up his surname as is more popular as Kari Byron Ulrich. On June 28th of 2009, the couple was blessed with a beautiful daughter whom the artists lovingly named Stella Ruby. Ever since her childhood, Kari did not believe in God. She is also a pescetarian by habit, following only a diet of only fish. Reports say that she was quite uncomfortable when Mythbusters experiments involved using animal remains. In one episode of Mythbusters, Kari said that she is afraid of germs. The episode was aptly named “Flu Fiction”.


 Kari was originally a sculptor by profession. In 2002, Adam Savage and James Hyneman came up with a show to test urban myths and movie effects tropes and other street knowledge that may or may not be true, they got Discovery Channel interested. They hired Kari as a sculptor to build the items that could help them to verify the myths.

She along with Tory Bellici and Scottie Chapman later became popular on the show with them being dubbed as the “Build Team”, whose job was to recreate a scenario, as accurately as possible. This show became very popular and the entire cast along with Kari Byron got pretty famous. Kari along with her co-worker, Tori Bellici started a separate show called Head Rush which was kind of loosely based on Mythbusters. The show was filmed for only two seasons but occasionally it is shown on the Discovery Science channel.

She and Tori also made guest appearances in one of the episodes of Discovery Channels other show, Sons of Guns. She also appeared in another show Pumpkin Chunkin, where people build machines which are used to throw pumpkins and whosoever’s machine throws furthest, wins. After retiring from Mythbusters, Kari and Tori started another show Thrill Factor where they look at few of America’s roller-coasters and other thrill rides. She is quite active on twitter and posts some of her recent works of art there.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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