Manwell Reyes was born in Germany because his father was in the Army. He wasn’t raised in a Christian home and his family was a little short on money. He grew up in a broken home and his actions clearly reflected his frustrations. During high school Reyes was kicked out of two schools, but he started cutting hair and it changed his life forever. It helped him rise above his circumstances and to earn his way. One day, Manwell’s friend invited him to a Christian summer camp to help him get over a break up, and the rest is history!

A New Beginning

Today, Manwell Reyes is the rapper and songwriter for the Christian ban Group 1 Crew. With his incredible blend of inspired hip-hop and pop, Manwell Reyes has helped catapult his band into the spotlight. Group 1 Crew has taken home 5 Dove Awards, and has played in front of at least a million fans since forming the band in 2003. With over 300,000 likes and five albums produced, it’s easy to see why Manwell Reyes has captured the heart of Christian music. In 2013, the band chose to split, and Reyes was left alone with the group he poured his soul into.

A New Era

Around the end of the year in 2014, Manwell Reyes endured a test from God. He had two polyps inside of his vocal chords, and he’d unsuccessfully worked through therapy. The only option that was left was to have surgery. The man that was known for his voice was placed on vocal rest for a quarter of a year. There was no guarantee that his voice would be alright, but Reyes powered through his vocal challenges to produce the album Power in 2016. He dove into the studio with friends and musicians to explore the experience of being broken while paying tribute to God’s might power and love. This highly collaborative album was the perfect comeback for a musician that’s accustomed to winning awards through his expression.

However, Manwell is known for a little more than his music. He appeared as the host for The Collective, and his job consisted of discovering cutting-edge trends inside of fashion and music! He’s also dipped into acting by playing in roles in “Mom’s Night Out” and “Restored Me”. It’s safe to say that Manwell has a bright future, but his career is only a part of his identity.

A Loving Husband

On June 11, 2011, the Manwell Reyes married MadTV’s Anjelah Johnson. Anjelah said that she saw Manwell during a friend’s wedding and instantly had a crush on the Group 1 Crew’s center man. However, the couple didn’t meet for two years after the wedding. A date was set up through a mutual friend, and the couple fell in love.

The ceremony took place in Half Moon Bay, and the couple is still happily married to date. Anjelah has stated on the record that the hard-working couple does not intend to have children. The two seem perfectly happy focusing on their career and impacting the world. The marriage took place in Half Moon Bay, California. Currently, the two have given the impression that they don’t want to have any children.

A Deeper Purpose

In his spare time, Manwell Reyes likes to share inspirational posts on his Facebook, Twitter(@manwellreyes), and through blogs. His net worth is currently unavailable, but his wife’s net worth is currently $500,000.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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