Amy Robach was born on 6th February 1973 at East Lansing, Michigan in the United States. She is presently an American TV journalist and an anchor for the ABC News. She spent half of here childhood days at St. Louis in Missouri and another nine years she spent in Georgia. She then moved to South Carolina in Washington D.C. and New York. She completed her graduation with the Brookwood High School in Georgia and went on to study at the University of Georgia.

She came on with high honors as a broadcast journalist. She also was a gymnast as a child for seven years. She did small stints as a cheerleader and it is then that she had realized that she had the passion and the curiosity to perform arts. She left the cheerleader passion and took to theatre skills. In 1994 Amy was the 4th runner up in the pageant for Miss Georgia. Her uncle and aunt were the art-teachers at the same high school that Amy studied and she is the cousin of Matt Lindahl, the former Nashville Star contestant.

Before joining ABC News she worked at WTTG, NBC and Weekend Today.  Besides she had filed with ‘Countdown with Morning Joe and Keith Olbermann.’ Her work dedication did not go unnoticed when she was working with NBC who were greatly impressed and gave her the privilege to co-relate with MSNBC covering the Presidential elections news, the hurricane Katrina and also the Iraq hostilities. Besides, she was praised for her commendable job of interviewing the prevention magazine editor and publishing the famous ‘getting rid of belly fat’ story. Presently Amy Robach is the anchor for the famous ‘Good Morning America’ show on ABC.

She has a very good dress sense and all her outfits are professional and appropriate for the occasion. She wears outfits that show off her beautifully shaped long legs and most people are hasty in judging her dress sense. However, these negative statements never get to Amy and her career.

She married Tim McIntosh and had two daughters, Annie and Ava McIntosh. However, they were divorced in 2009 and subsequently, in 2009 she was engaged to Andrew Shue the former star of ‘Melrose Place.’ On 6th February 2010, the 37th birthday of Amy, the couple was married at Chelsea Piers Lighthouse. Shue was married previously and he has three sons from this marriage. The couple is presently very happily living at Manhattan with their family and they are deeply in love with each other.

In 2013, Amy was diagnosed as having breast cancer, after a mammogram test, and she made announcement of this health condition on 11th November on her favorite show ‘Good Morning America.’ She took a break from the broadcasting and underwent bilateral mastectomy.

Amy loves her profession and is very successful too. Her earnings by way of salary each year is $300 thousand which is more than enough to raise the family and also live luxuriously. Amy’s networth is around $1.5 million which she had earned with hard work and dedication. Like other famous Hollywood celebs, Amy too uses many social networking sites frequently and finds this a very easy way to stay in contact with her many fans.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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