Andrew Shue

Bio and age Andrew Shue is a famous American actor, sportsman, and entrepreneur. Andrew earned a fair share of fame over the years as an actor as well as an entrepreneur. Shue has also been associated with sports as a soccer player for a short period of time. Andrew Shue was born as Andrew Eppley Shue to Anne and James Shue in Wilmington, Delaware on 20th February 1967

 Andrew Shue Personal Life and Education Career

 Andrew comes from a reasonably wealthy family. According to Andrew’s biography, James Shue, Andrew’s father, used to be a lawyer who also worked as a real estate developer. James Shue has also served as a President of an international corporation in the food and beverage industry. Andrew’s mother, Anne used to be a banker who has served as a President of a corporation called the Chemical Bank Corporation. Andrew has a sibling named Elizabeth Shue. After completing his early education, Shue continued his education at Columbia High School in New Jersey. Later Shue got enrolled at the Dartmouth College to achieve a bachelor’s degree. In 1989, Andrew graduated from Dartmouth College with a bachelor’s degree in History.

Andrew Shue Married and Divorced life

As far as Andrew’s marital life is concerned, he is currently in a matrimonial relationship with Amy Robach. Shue has gone through a divorce once. Andrew got married to Jennifer Hageney in 1994. Andrew and Jennifer have 3 children together. Unfortunately, the couple got separated after being together for a brief period of 14 years until 2008. Andrew met Amy Robach in 2009. Andrew and Amy dated for about a year and got married in 2010. Amy has also gone through a divorce and has two daughters from the previous relationship. Amy used to be an anchor for a TV show called The Today Show. Andrew and Amy are in a healthy and committed relationship since 2010.

Andrew Shue Professional Career Path

After his graduation, Andrew wanted to pursue his dream as an actor. In the year 1992, Andrew got a part in “Melrose Place” and played a character named Billy Campbell for 7 years until 1999. Along with his acting career, Shue also maintained a prominent position as a professional sportsman. The actor spent a few years in Zimbabwe, where he played soccer. In the year 1994, Shue was playing the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League as the only player of white ethnicity. He was a part of a team Bulawayo Highlanders and won the soccer league. Andrew has also been associated with the Los Angeles Galaxy and Los Angeles United. After achieving success in acting and sports, Andrew wanted to explore the business field too. Andrew filled the entrepreneurial shoes when he established a startup named “Do Something”. Andrew with his friend and partner Michael started a social network platform named “CafeMom”. Shue did not abandon his acting career right away in 1999 and kept on appearing in movies. Andrew was last seen in a film named “Gracia” in 2009.

Andrew Shue Net Worth

There is no record of any awards in Andrew’s name. According to various sources, Andrew’s net worth is estimated to be 150 million dollars, which include all his fortunes from acting, sports, and entrepreneurship.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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