Alan Colmes

Alan Samuel Colmes was born on 24th September 1950 in New York City, America. He is associated with fox news channel. He is a radio and television host, a political commentator, writer as well as a blogger. He is very popular for his powerful speeches on liberalism. He is admired by many liberals across the word. He hosts a radio show called-The Alan colmes show, which is a hit among the audience. He looks extremely handsome as well. He was graduated in the field of arts in the year 1971 at school of commissions. He started his career as a stand-up comedian but didn’t continue it for long. He moved to being a host on FNC’s and is presently a commentator on the –o’ Reilly factor. He is popular for being the brother in law of Monica Crowley Who happens to be a host and television personality. He has a blog of his own where he expresses himself. He even writes books as well.

His personal life is in peace and harmony. He has maintained a perfect balance of personal and professional life. He is someone who is a perfect gentleman with good looks too. He sometimes has to bear the brunt of his liberal ideas by the critics. People see him as a great commentator and a good one at it too. He has been in a relationship with his wife Jocelyn Crowley of 10 years and their marriage stood the test of time making them bond much stronger in their relationship. In all these years there hasn’t been one bit of a news about a girlfriend or marital issue or a divorce. They share a good equation and are at peace with each other. Jocelyn is a teacher with a ph. D degree and is busy with her work at the dean’s office at Rutgers University. She is an author as well and writes books. In spite of the busy schedules, they spend quality time together, which makes their marriage tick.

People need to take inspiration from such couples, who keep their relationship alive irrespective of their busy schedules. Alan has always been in controversies regarding his relationship with his wife, but that didn’t affect the bond they share. It’s been rock solid and steady giving no space for any speculations. Even through the ten years of their married life, they don’t have children of their own. People keep assuming things about their relationship regarding this. But there is no confirmation from either side of them to say if it was a conscious decision taken from both of them. Sometimes, couples stick together only when children are in the picture, but here’s one example of a couple who made their relationship work without children. Hats off to this couple. Alan comes from a Jewish background. He is one man who has kept his personal life in harmony and peace and seems much contended with his life. There is saying, a happy heart makes a happy countenance. This is very much true to this couple.  

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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