Katie Cassidy

Katherine Evelyn Anita also popularly known as Katie Cassidy was born on 25th November 1986 at Los Angeles, California, United States. She is a very popular American actress known for her character as Laurel Lance in the series of a television show, The CW superhero show, Arrow. She has also appeared on various other television shows. She comes from a background of family of celebrities where her grandparents were actors. She started her career as an actress on television shows. Since then, she’s been doing many shows on TV and later acted in a movie titled, when a stranger calls. Since then she has played many supporting roles in many films which has won her many accolades. Apart from her grandparents being actors, her dad was a pop star of the seventies and her mother was a high fashion model. She too was into theatre as a kid and owes it to her profession that she is into today. Many of her cousins are also associated with the media industry.

In her early days as a kid, Katie was interested in dancing and acting apart from singing and playing guitar and piano. She took up gymnastics lessons too. Her early schooling was at Calabasas high school and she was a cheer leader for California flyers. Before graduation Katie did some modelling assignments as well. When she was doing her theatre she was offered her first role and she’s been into it since then. Adding many feathers to her cap, she writes and composes her own songs, which makes her a multifaceted personality, who has her hands on many things, at the same time.

Being associated with film industry and media, no one can ever run out of rumors. In fact, they run hand in hand. Celebrities normally take rumors with a pinch of salt and move on not bothering much unless it really affects their career and reputation. Katie too is said to have been involved in a string of link ups. Her very first rumour started making rounds when she was introduced to Greg Raposo who was involved in the popular boy band, Dream Street. Aparks flew immediately and she started dating him in 2002. They were very much in love and as a token of her love Greg also composed a song for her which became quite popular number in music, We’re in love… It was a very brief stint, before she got hooked to another guy, named Jesse McCartney, whom she called as her boyfriend. They were deeply in love and she was even featured in his video as love interest which created a rage in the music industry and the lyrics of the song were, she’s no you...

Their love was for the whole world to see, in other words they painted the town red with their love. Their romance was so very much obvious that a teen magazine put up their story in the cover page. She was too busy involved in her work at that time. She starred in many films with great well known people of the industry. As of now, she hasn't been in a marriage relationship with anybody so far neither has she been a wife to someone which led to a divorce. Apart from the above said affairs, she is said to have a few flings too. Currently, she is dating hockey player, Jarret Stoll and are seen together. They met at a sports event and since then they are romantically involved. She is focused on her work right now.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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