Mike Duffy the eldest of 5 siblings is a Canadian Senator, who started his career as a journalist. For someone who began as a teen disc jockey at CFCY-TV, he moved up the ranks to work as the Ottawa editor for CTV news Channel before being appointed to the upper house. He divorced his first wife Nancy in 1979 and in the year 1992 he got married to Heather Collins, a nurse who cared for him in the hospital where he was under treatment for a surgery.

Recently, a woman named Karen Duffy from Peru started an enormous controversy, claiming to be the love child of Mike Duffy. She alleges that Mike had an affair with her mother Yvette Bunites Ruiz, a convicted drug peddler who served prison time also. Yvette says she came in contact with Mike through his sister Moria Duffy whom she met in Kingston’s prison for women.

According to Karen, she and her mother tried to contact Duffy over the years through letters, emails and even posting on social media to no avail. This forced her hand to file a suit against the Senator to get formal recognition as his daughter. Neither does Karen express any interest to get money from Duffy nor does she seem interested in obtaining citizenship and moving to Canada. Karen says that she wants to get to know her father, have a relationship with him, and introduce him to her husband and kids. This leaves Mike in a catch 22 situation where his only choices are either to acknowledge Karen’s claims or subject himself to a DNA test to prove otherwise.

Mike’s version accuses Karen of establishing her claims only on the words of a convicted drug smuggler dating back over 30 years. Regardless of his response the press has been all over this issue resulting in his suspension from the Senate following no support from his party.

Evident to the glamorous lifestyle, he and his wife Heather bought a home next to the Kanata Golf and country club for $293,000. Duffy had a thing for expensive, good clothes which lead him into quite a few disputes with the law including tax evasion, fraud and bribery. This all started in 2012, when it was brought in public that Duffy had claimed $33000 worth of allowances for maintaining a second home which he was not entitled to while he was earning an approximate salary of $132,000 as Senator. If he is convicted in the serious ones from these charges he could be facing up to 14 years in prison.

From a disc jockey to Senator, Mike Duffy has seen it all. He has lived a stupendous lifestyle, wearing 3 piece suits, weakness for expensive and luxurious cars, married a couple of times, rumors of unacknowledged child. As his troubles increase he faces a lot of flak from the public, close friends have deserted him, public appearances have reduced. Regardless of how the cases against him turn out it appears that his journey back to the top of this political career is like a vain hope. This is surely not how he would have hoped that his legacies would turn out when he showed up in Ottawa nearly four decades ago.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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