Monica Crowley

Monica Crowley is a conservative political commentator, a radio personality and an author from America. She is very active for the T.V shows and is also working as a columnist. She was born in Arizona but brought up in New Jersey. She completed her graduation from Colgate University in political science. After her graduation, she went to Columbia University and gained a PhD in international relations. Crowley was very active from her student life and she wrote a letter to Richard Nixon, the former President of the United States and she started working as a research assistant, at a very young age. She gained the experience by working with him and that led her to write two books about Richard Nixon after his death. At that time, the books were in the list of bestsellers. Monica is not married yet and is having living in New York City, at present.

Crowley worked as a radio commentator for National Public Radio. She worked as an international affair analyst and that was the reason that she began her own show on radio, The Monica Crowley show. Crowley is a multi-talented personality. She, then, shifted to Fox News and then to MSNBC. After working there, she again switched to Fox News and is working with same firm. She works as a foreign affairs and political analyst. Monica sometimes appears in the late-night satire show. She is not only a commentator, author and radio figure but also is the board member of the Center for Security Policy.

Monica Crowley is not married and does not have children but she dated her boyfriend, Bill Siegel, for a very long time. Bill Siegel is a venture capitalist. They both were in a relationship and till now, they had not decided on the topic of marriage. Monica is a very determined and strong person and she is in love with her work and her career. She understands that her profession requires her full time dedication and by working hard, she can reach the heights she wants. She keeps herself stuck with so many works that she did not even get time for herself. So, in her busy schedule, she cannot take out time for her life partner. This is one of the reasons that Crowley is still single. She is self satisfied with her work and happy with it.

Monica is a pretty and elegant lady that any guy can fall in love with her. However, she is so engaged with her work that she did not give time for love. She is outspoken and hence, she always finds herself in controversies. Once, she commented on Canada army and was criticized for her comment. However, her down to earth nature made her apologized for the comment she made. Monica, has fixed goals from her childhood. Her mother encouraged her to fulfill her dreams. She is always active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, to know the views of her admirers. Her net worth is not publicly revealed.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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