Evan Solomon

Evan Solomon was born on April 20, 1968. He was born in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. He is a writer, a radio host and political journalist known best as the host of the "Ottawa Now" show, which focuses on the political scene in Ottawa.


Evan Solomon went to Crescent School, a high school in Toronto, Ontario. After finishing high school, he went to McGill University where he studied English literature along with religious studies.

Career Experiences

Evan Solomon is a man of many different talents when it comes to his career. Besides being a writer, Solomon is also a political show host and a journalist. His career officially started in 1992, when Solomon became a co-founder of Shift, alongside with Andrew Heintzmen. Shift was intended to be a magazine featuring news and stories revolving around culture and art. Although, it wasn't the primary intention, the magazine soon turned into a magazine with news and stories revolving around internet and technology.

After seven years of working for the magazine and supporting his co-founded project, Evan Solomon left Shift in 1999 so he could promote his very first novel. As writing novels was always Solomon’s passion, he chose to leave the magazine he co-founded so he could promote his new book full-time. His first novel named Crossing the Distance was received well within the circle of Evan’s targeted audience.


After he wrote his first novel, Solomon had found time for another career venture in the broadcasting business. As a broadcaster he was a host of the show The Changemakers. Besides The Changemakers, he hosted Hot Type, broadcasted on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Future World, another show he hosted during his broadcasting career. Although he had left the Shift magazine, he continued his cooperation with Heintzman later in the year 2004 when he worked as a co-editor with Heintzman on the project called: Fueling the Future: How the Battle over Energy is Changing Everything. Besides  being a co-editor for this project, he started working as a co-anchor for CBC News Sunday with Carole MacNeil and continued working on the show till 2009

Solomon became a permanent part of the CBC News Network later on. When Power and Politics, the night time show started to air on the CBC News Channel, Solomon was hired as an anchor for the show. He also joined The House – a political radio show hosted on CBC Radio 1. Besides  building his career as a reporter, a broadcasting host, an anchor and a journalist, Solomon enjoys writing, as such he has been building a prominent career as a writer and an author, with Crossing the Distance as his first published novel.

Although Evan’s first novel had over 20 typographical errors, he is still working hard on developing his writing career. Being that writing is also his greatest passion, he also has a degree in English literature, Solomon also finds comfort and a way to express his emotions through writing, he often chooses to retreat when he is working on his writing projects. Solomon was considered to be the wonder kid of the nineties in Canada, his talents were recognized in the early stages of his career which played a big part in his success.

With his background as an anchor, political journalist, a novelist and an author and a reporter, Solomon has gained a fairly large crowd of fans and followers considering him to be one of the most iconic present day public figures in Canada. However, although his image of a popular public figure and a promising young journalist was at a constant rise, Solomon suffered defeat in his career when he was fired from CBC. Due to allegations of Solomon secretly taking commissions from broker sales dealing with artistic items.


The broker company he was allegedly taking commissions from belonged to his friend, Bruce Bailey, who is known for his passion in art, as well as being an art collector. The allegations further claimed that Solomon was using his connections he had via his position in CBC in order to take commissions.Despite the allegations in 2015 Solomon was given a chance to recover his career. He was hired for the position of host for Everything Is Political, a political show hosted on Canada Talks channel, as announced in the year 2015 in August by Sirius XM Canada. The talk show was meant to cover the elections in Canada in the year Solomon was hired for the show. Solomon was also working as a columnist for Maclean’s magazine while the election campaign was on.

Personal Life

Evan Solomon’s personal life revolves around his wife Tammy Quinn and their two children. They have a daughter, Maize and a son Gideon. Although Solomon enjoys keeping his personal life private, it is said that the couple is happily married and focused on raising their children to grow up in a loving family. His wife is also a writer and an author. Besides enjoying his family life, Solomon finds it enjoyable to write books for children.


His first publications were hosted in Shift magazine he was the co-founder to. Along with writing on arts and culture, he later started writing about internet and technology. Evan Solomon wrote several books, novels and stories, among which you can find his first novel, Crossing the Distance. Besides having many publications as a journalist and political reporter, he also won the Gemini award where he was nominated as the best host and interviewer.

Current Projects

Evan Solomon is currently working as a host for Canada Talk channel as a political reporter. He is constantly working on new novels and childrens books, planning on publishing new writing projects in the near future. Although he had experienced several setbacks that might have cost him his entire career, Solomon’s work is still recognized as promising.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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