Tony Berlin is a TV producer and reporter who is now the president of Berlin Media Relations. He is famous for his show, ABC’s Morning.

Personal life

Tony was brought up his divorced mother along with his sister. He was born in 1968 in Los Angeles. He graduated from college with master degree in 2002. While he was working at ABC, he met Harris Faulkner. She was also a reporter. They started dating immediately and after two years, they got married. Their marriage was a private and small ceremony. Now, they have two daughters.

There are no known fights or problems in their marital life. Harris is very open to talk about her marital relationship with Tony. She describes Tony as a good father and good husband. Tony spends most of his time with his daughters. Harris also mentioned that Tony is terrible in washing or doing laundry and she never wants him to handle the cloths as everything would either come out as pink or grey. Tony did have his share of girlfriends before he met Harris. But he was single for a considerable amount of time, before he met her. They started dating within weeks from meeting each other.

Though they met each other at their workspace, their first informal meeting was at Julie Nelson’s birthday party of 2000. Tony was with a date in that party and thus did not make any move. They had a first date after work. It was just a couple of glass of drinks. After a week, Tony invited her for a dinner date and they officially started dating. He proposed her in 2002. In 2003, they got married in Arizona.

Details about his past girlfriends are not known to media. He was never a part of any celebrity relationship, before he met Harris. He was never a part of any extra marital affair or rumors. He never shared about his romantic life and thus, we do not know about the number of girls he dated. He was not engaged or married before he met Harris. Till date, no woman has come up to the media to give any personal or degrading information about Tony. Since Harris and Tony’s biography came up to the limelight after their marriage, there is very little chance that we will be learning about their personal life prior to their marriage. Since there are no rumors, it is assumed that they are having a smooth and loving relationship.



After his graduation, he took an internship at PBS News while he continued his master degree. His first job was with ABC. He became popular with the show, Good Morning America. He then worked as a producer for FOX broadcasting in Washington DC. Now, he is the CEO and president of Berlin Media Relationships. He works in public relations field for numerous shows like FOX News Channel, Good Morning America, FOX Business Network and many others. Before starting Berlin Media Relationships, he worked as a field producer with WCBS TV. He was also an anchor for WHIO TV in Dayton. His net worth and salary details are not known to media.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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