Kevin Newman

Kevin Newman is a world famous Canadian news anchor who is currently working for CTV news channel. He was born on 2nd June, 1959 and served as a television journalist for Global national channel from 2001 to 2010. He joined CTV channel on August month of 2012 as an anchor. Kevin completed his Doctor of Laws degree at Western Ontario University. He was very intelligent student and scored honors division in his graduation. Kevin was appointed as a host of show “Question Hour” in 2011 by First Digital News Evangelist. This show achieved massive popularity in Canada because of its amazing concept. He took interview of many fellow of Canadian Government in that show and has a deep discussion regarding political happenings, which has brought many facts and social factors into focus. From that show on-wards, he is well recognized as the most respectable anchor of Canadian television news channels with highest net worth.

He married to Cathy Kearns, who was a former television journalist too during 90’s era, but she remained his girlfriend for a very long time before their marriage. She was also a lady with simple behavior like her husband Kevin therefore both of them are living happy life from last 22 years. Kevin and Cathy have two grownup children in total. His son name is Alex who recently reached 12 and his daughter name is Erica who is presently at 9. Kevin use to live in his own house in New Mexico with his wife and children. They’re enjoying their life without any type of complicated issues. Cathy and Kevin understand each other feeling even before their marriage and therefore one can’t expect divorce, in the near future.They never hesitate to make showoff of their relations because both of them believe that media is a source of promoting any brand or product, it is not meant for promoting personal relationship. That is why; they are seen rarely together on any events of function.

Kevin Newman possesses a vast experience of more than 26 years of journalism and he interviewed many big faces of Canada and world leaders with his reality based questions. Apart from his professional life, he never forgets his personal wife and family. He always tries to give much time to his wife and children so that they may not feel alone. Kevin is a caring guy who love his family very much and working hard to make future of his children totally secure and meaningful. Kevin efforts are not worthless because his family too respect his contribution in building perfect relationship.

Last summer, Kevin Newman was in hot news by many news channel agencies because his wife Cathy Kearns was diagnosed for having multiple sclerosis. He interviewed to the media that he didn’t want to make this matter publicly open but some hidden sources reveled it publicly. However, Kevin and his family decided to issue a news release regarding her health so that wrong information may not target minds of the public. Her condition is much better now because she got proper diagnosed at earlier stage and she will be with Kevin in coming time.  

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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