Gia Casey is a loving mother of five children and is famous for being the wife of DJ Envy.

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Gia Casey was raised in the urban parts of New York. She was heavily influenced by hip hop culture as she grew up in the vibrant city in New York. She has a Caribbean ethnicity from her father’s side of the family. Her Caribbean side gives her an unique personality that charms the people around her.

She completed her high school education at the same school as her future husband DJ Envy. Her high school was full of interesting characters but the most important one to her was the one that would become her future husband.

Marriage to an Entertainer

Gia Casey is the spouse of the popular American disc jockey Raashaun Casey famously known as DJ Envy. DJ Envy is a regular fixture on the famous hip hop radio show known as “The Breakfast Club

After being together throughout their high school days, Raashaun Casey also known as DJ Envy and Gia Casey decided to tie the knot in 2001. At one point, people just thought that it was a high love phase but they proved that their love was the real deal.

They are parents to five beautiful children. They have two sons, Jaxson Casey and Logan Casey. They have three daughters London, Madison Casey and the youngest is Brooklyn Jagger Casey. Their big bunch of kids brings them joy every day.

Their marriage is rock solid but in 2013, there were rumors that DJ Envy was having an extramarital affair with Erica Mena who was a television star. The marriage did not end in a divorce as Gia was ready to forgive Casey and put the past in the past. The now happily married couple has their own podcast that they host entitled The Casey Crew. The show principally deals with talks and discussions on family and relationships.

DJ Envy and Gia explained to NeCole why they feel it is important to be as explicit as possible about their marriage on their podcast. DJ Envy said, “The funny thing is, we're not acting and so, sometimes when you're listening to the podcast, you will hear us discuss things such as my insecurities or how we dealt with this and that and it's really opening up to people like, 'Wow we do this, it's normal.' Because when you look on social media, everybody's lives are so picture perfect, but it's not perfect."

Gia had a similar opinion, "In order to do a podcast and to be successful, you have to put yourself in a position where other people can relate to you, so it was never an interest to me, when we discussed doing the podcast, to be fraudulent [and] to put out a face that didn't represent us."

On their podcast, DJ Envy also share their tips on how to have a successful and happy marriage, "We're both into each other's things. I'm a car guy. Ever since I was a little child, I collected cars and Gia's into that. She can tell a difference between a Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, or an Aston Martin - not necessarily because she's into it, but because her husband's into it and same for me. “

13 Nov, 2018

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