Mike Wolfe is famous as an antiques collector and seller on the show ‘American Pickers’ that features on History Channel. He is also an entrepreneur and author. Personal Life

Mike Wolfe, born on November 6th, 1964 was the middle child among his two other siblings. He was raised by his mother in Scott County’s Bettendorf city in Iowa. Wolfe, since his childhood had a good eye for antique pieces or what he calls as ‘treasure’. He spent his free time looking for cycles, cans and other articles thrown out by its owners.

Wolfe became a professional bicycle racer when he grew older. His keen interest in cycles that started when he was a little boy only grew bigger as he grew up, this led him to establish his own stores that sell bikes. Frank Fritz his long-time friend is his partner on the ‘American Pickers’. The antique collector is a resident of the state Tennessee and resides with Jodi, his wife, and Charlie, his daughter.

He actively takes part in fundraising and charity events that aid children suffering from serious diseases, Operation Smile, and shelters created for protection and rehabilitation of animals. Career Mike Wolfe, the long-time treasure hunter, and collector climbed the ladder of fame when he featured on the History Channel’s reality programme ‘American Pickers’ back in 2010.

About 3 million people viewed the show’s debut episode and continue to be one of the most loved and viewed shows on the channel. The whole show is about two men, Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, who journey’s across various states of America collecting or in according to them ‘picking’ antiques that they collect or sell to fans of antique objects. The objects they pick on the way are kept for display and sale in their shop ‘Antique Archaeology’. Wolfe owns two stores of the same name in the city of Le Claire, Iowa and the other in Tennessee. Danielle Colby, who handles the counter and other office works of the shop is also a popular figure on the channel. ‘American Pickers’ has run for eighteen seasons and two hundred and four episodes till date.

Mike was the co-producer of the album titled ‘Music to Pick’, he also sang along with Dale Watson, the country singer in three of the album’s songs. Wolfe’s collection ranges from old automobiles, cycles and film posters to toys and oil cans. Wolfe, who is always on the lookout for new opportunities which are within his line of work and captures his interest. The antique collector started a business which turns antique fixtures into unique and useable pieces.

To encourage young and budding treasure hunters, he launched a website which provides information about searching and finding treasures. His print publication titled ‘American Pickers Guide to Picking’ was published in 2011. He pitched an idea he had about starting a comedy show surrounding an antique store to CBS, the idea was soon turned into an up and running show. Mike makes a good income from this show, of which he an executive producer.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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