Charlamagne Tha

Lenard McKelvy is popularly known as Charlamagne. The god is a famous tv personality and radio host, known for his controversial comments on tv stars,and hip hop singers. He has got millions of fans all around the globe and also many haters, who hate him for her controversial statements.

Personal life

He was born on July 29 in South Carolina in United States of America. His father name was Larry Thomas Mckelvy. He is married to Jessica Gadsden, who was her personal trainer in the gym and married her in 2014. They both share their love life publicly on social media. Currently, they both have no children. His religion is christian and his ethnicity is black. He is currently 37 years of age and his nick name is Kelvy.

In his early life, he was captured and put behind the bars, for many crimes,including marijuana smuggling,cocaine smuggling and also for being a partner of a shooting incident,from which his name was cleared. He remained and served many years in the prison. He used the name Charlamagne, so that the persons who took drugs from him,never knew his real identity. The God was added to chrlamagne because he thought that it looked a bit classy.

He used to listen to hip hop songs from a very early life and had a good knowledge about hip hop songs. He walked out of his crime life and started a new journey in the hip hop industry as a radio presenter, from then there was nothing holding him back.


After coming out of prison, he was searching for a job. His funny nature and confident speaking earned him a position of co host on the show The Wendy Williams Experience. He was also starred in the show Charlamagne and Friends. He also hosted MTV new year celebration and also MTV awards 2015. Currently he is working as a radio personality, in a show the Breakfast Club, where he works alongside DJ Envy and Angela Yee.

He also released his solo album South Crack in 2008, which got a mediocre response from the audience. He has also been starred in multiple movies such as Kiss and Tail, tv show Guy Code, This thing of Ours, Hood State of Union and many more.

He is famous among his fans for his rash talks,and the way he opently argues about hip hop from hip hop celebrities,his care free attitude is both liked and disliked by many.he has also passed many controversial comments on famous celebrities including kanye west. He is currently working is the show the Breakfast Club and Uncommon Sense on MTV. He also hosts MTV awards and other shows for other channels.

He is also the producer of many shows on MTV channel. He posses a height of 5 feet and 11 inches and is famous for his bald looks among his fans. His net worth is of US Dollars 2 million, which he has earned by hosting shows and by playing poker. You can follow hin on facebook, his username is cthagod and his instagram username is also cthagod.