There are many men and women in America who have been able to build successful career as radio broadcasters and audio jockeys. One such name if Angela Yee who has over the years become a highly successful radio announcer. Angela is famous for the highly popular The Breakfast Club which basically is a syndicated morning show. Further, she also has been a part of other popular radio shows by the names Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy.

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Additionally, she also has hosted a few TV shows and has been also a part of some other endeavors. We will try to unravel her biography a bit and try to know something more about the works and times of Angela Yee. She was born on January 3, 1976.

Early Life

Angele Yee was born in Brooklyn, New York and her mother was African American and her father was a Chinese. Nothing much is known about her early life apart from the fact that she was born and spent her early life in Brooklyn, New York. She was brought up by her mother because her father left Angela when she was too young. Yee struggled in her early days as she was not born with a silver spoon. She moved to New Jersey when she was fifteen years old. She completed her graduation in the Wesleyan University with English as the major subject because she wanted to be writer.

Personal Life

Coming to her personal life, she still continues to be unmarried and she wishes to keep a low profile. Angela Yee is seemingly more focused about her career and that is the reason she does not want to get bogged done in her family life. She seemingly likes singing as a hobby and loves doing cooking for her mother. But there are many who believe that Angela is in the process of selecting the right life partner.

Net Worth

It is believed that Angela Yee has a net worth of $2 million and she seemingly earns around $600 K from her profession.


Coming to her career, Angela started off as a marketing professional but her innate passion and love for marriage and creativity moved Angela towards the radio jockey business. However, the journey was not a bed of roses for her and she had to struggle. Her first break came in the radio station Eminem and the program was Shade 45. She then hosted Lip Service and this certainly put the radio career of Angela Yee in the right direction.

As of now, she hosts the famous show The Breakfast Club and she does it with the collaboration of DJ Envy. It is naturally syndicated and therefore, this show is famous all over the country. Further, she also was famous for the VH1 reality show and the name of the show was The Gossip Game. Hence, it would not be out of place to mention here that she has had a reasonably successful career as far as her Radio Jockey field is concerned. Angela Yee also has hosted a few TV shows.

17 Feb, 2018