Cristie Kerr

Cristie Kerr was born in the 1977 and she is professional golfer in America. She plays the LPGA tour and she had won 16 times with two major championships.  She has over 15 millions in earning in her career.  She ranked number one for Women’s World Golf for three periods in the year 2010. She is left handed but she uses her right hand to play golf. Cristie Kerr was born in Florida and she begun to play golf when she was only eight year. Her amateur career was successful and she won 1994 junior Orange Bowl. She won American Junior Golf Association Junior player of the year. She graduated in Miami Sunset High school of West Kendall in Florida.

Her first professional win was in 1995 while playing in the IronWood Futures Classic on the future tours. She played it while she was still amateur. She turned professional when she reached the age of 18 in the 1996 and after she graduated from the high school, she played Players West Tour and Futures Tours.

Cristie Kerr likes to fish, cook, working out, watching movies and wine collecting.  She is a sommelier since she has her own wine and the profits she makes are given to the research of breast cancer.  Even if she was the elite athletic in the entire world, she had a problem with her weight and she said that she was able to lose the extra weight because of taking vegetables and fruits.

Her husband is Erik Stevens and he said to have been the ice hockey player and played up to semi-professional. She has no record of any divorce. The couple has a custom made home which they moved in, in 2006.  Cristie Kerr became a mother of a son called Mason Kerr Stevens.  However, she was not the one who got pregnant since she used a surrogate mother to have her baby. She has a medical condition which prevents her from getting pregnant  but she wished she could have carried her own baby.

Cristie Kerr said that before she was more focusing on her career and she did not give too much attention to have a baby. When she taught, she was ready to get a baby; she found out that she had some medical issues that prevent her to do this. It was the hardest thing she had to pass through. Her doctors suggested that she should use a surrogate and this is what she did. She said that as Mason grows up, they will try to do it again. Being a mother did not affect her in any way and she plans to continue to play golf. However, she said that she is happier since her stress has reduced. Even if Cristie Kerr is expected to reduce the number of the appearance she makes, she will not stop in her philanthropic efforts especially for the Cristie Kerr Health Center where women who suffer breast cancer are treated even if these women are able to pay for the treatment. She is concerned more with breast cancer since her mother was diagnosed with it.  You can follow her on twitter to learn more about her. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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