Jamie Colby

 Jamie Colby is news anchor and she is an American. She was born in 1970, in New York City.  She is a journalist who became popular because of her experience and skills in the work she does.  She is considered as one of the best presenter that you can find in the news now. She is a presenter of the News Headquarter together with Kelly Wright on each weekend. She was known to be bright since her young age and she finished her degree when she was only in his mid-teens. She got a bachelor of the business administration in the accounting in the year 1980 and she got a JD degree from the University of Miami School of law in the year 1983 when she was still in her twenties.

Jamie Colby worked for powerful media including CBS, CNN and fox news. She started to work with Fox news since 2003 and she did the passing on of the Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI’s election while in Rome. She covered Tsunami in Sri Lanka and India. Her hard work has been recognized and she got Fracie Allen Award in 2000 when she did an investigative report of some facts and she got Edward R Murrow National Award when she covered September 11 attacks in 2002.  She got many praises and she was named the Rising News Star to look out for by the Association For women In communication. 

Jamie Colby is beautiful and she has the wonderful and amazing personality. It was said that she did the plastic surgery on her face but it is just rumors, it was not confirmed. She is attractive with the perfect measurements of 36-24-35. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches. She is beautiful with the best pair of legs. Her beauty increased the number of the people who are interested in watching her and with this popularity, she also got monetary benefits. However, her net worth is not available nor her salary.

Her husband is Dr Marc Wallack who works as a surgeon at Metropolitan Hospital in New York. However, the couple divorced after few years and it was said that it was because of the gap in the years that were between her age and Dr Marc. However, the reason of their divorce is yet to be disclosed.  It is believed that she is with someone right now but this was not announced officially. It is also said that she divorced twice and she has a son who is at college age. She wants to make her TV career more than number crunching and deal making.

While working in the media, Jamie Colby has also written different books and the most popular one is Back to Life after a Heart Crisis. More about her information can be found easily online and people follow her on the Twitter and facebook.  Since she is hot, a large number of her followers are men.

Jamie Colby wants to try everything that comes on her way such as driving tractor, operating fork lift, bucking the horse and swallowing deep fried alligator meat. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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