Brenda Milano

Brenda Milano’s stellar All-conference career is attributed to her success and prominence starring at Wagner for five years. She graduated with over 1,000 points in 84 games, despite missing many games. She was included in the top-10 list having 148 steals and 382 assists to her name.


Brenda’s biography does not disclose much regarding her early life or education background. Also, no proof of Brenda Milano being married before, is available. However, her relationship with Becky Hammon is one that has suffered many controversies. Becky is now at age 40 and has two siblings, and is said to have a $500,000 net worth. It is suspected that Milano has been Becky’s girlfriend for years now although no official confirmations have been made as of late.

Becky was also rumored as being the wife to Tony Parker, a basketball player. However, Becky’s new assignment at San Antonio Spurs has shifted all the focus from her love life to her new role and position as the assistant coach. As such, the unraveling of the truth behind Becky’s and Milano’s closeness is yet to be achieved. In fact, if the two settled upon the decision of maintaining their alleged relationship anonymous, nothing more can be done unless both of them choose to go public.


During the four seasons she played for Green & White, Brenda brought about 48 wins and is considered among the best of the best that ever played at Grymes Hill. It is Milano’s outstanding senior season that saw her cap her career. During this time, Milano earned Team MVP honor as well as the First Team All-NEC honor despite having missed 11 games as a result of an injury. As a sophomore, she garnered various accolades including the Second Team All-NEC accolade. Also, as a freshman, Milano received three rookie awards. Later on, Milano pursued the career of coaching women basketball in New York at St. Francis College.

Having coached at St. Francis for over 8 years, Brenda resigned with a 58-184 record. Her resignation came about in 2012. Although basketball is a tough game as well as difficult to maintain a winning record, it is surprising that the Terries never saw a winning season while under Milano. Little is known regarding Milano future plans with respect to her coaching career; however, suffice it to say that coaching college basketball is not under her consideration any more. 

As far as Milano is concerned, she has, in all cases, been well-spoken during interviews. Back in 2009, Milano used to have much to say as it relates to the prospects of his team – the Terries – during an interview. In recent past, Milano often talked about the expectations and challenges as well as the coaching buzzwords as those often talked about during post-game interviews. As far as NBA history is concerned, Brenda’s alleged fiancée is the first female assistant coach to be hired full time. Apart from that, this retired basketball player (Becky) played for both New York Liberty and San Antonio Stars.