Ayesha Durgahee

Ayesha Durgahee was born in 1981 and is a native of England. She works as journalist and international correspondent for CNN network based in London. She serves the purpose of a producer if that’s needed by the network. As a journalist and reporter, she covers events related to everything from aviation, travel, hotels to sports and space events as well.

Like a lot of television personalities, she is very private about her personal life. She never reveals anything about her marriage, there is absolutely no information regarding her husband. One can search the internet unsuccessfully to find any information about her parents. There aren't even any rumors of her being in an affair much less a divorce.

She completed her post graduate studies at City University and got her post graduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism. She is considered as one of the exciting new talents who might have a very successful and bright future at CNN. She joined the London branch of CNN in 2005 as a producer and correspondent. Till the year 2009, she did not get much spot light from the network and only appeared on shows like “Business Traveler” and “BackStory” on CNN International.

She got her major break when she got a chance to substitute for Max foster who was already filling in for Becky Anderson as an anchor for the news shows. This opportunity got her the much awaited on-air time and her career sky rocketed. Presently she works as a part of the CNN Business Traveler as a resident business and travel correspondent. The show was earlier telecast from 2002 to 2010, returns to main frame with the aim of exposing the environmental effects and global economy.

In 2004, she won the runner up award for her radio piece named “Peace on the Streets” which was an investigation into gun crimes. The year 2010 brought her much recognition when she was honored as the Business Travel News Journalist of the year at the 2010 Business Travel Journalism Awards. She had constructed a report on the quality of cabin air on board flights. The report was based on interviews with scientists, grounded pilots and videos through the cameras which were exclusively and intelligently presented by her choice of graphics and charts.

The head of the panel judging for the award commended Durgahee for her efforts and went on to say that the whole panel was hugely impressed with her report titled “Aero-toxic Syndrome”. The piece highlighted how the air supplies on board planes could become toxic and cause severe health problems for the pilots, cabin crews as well as the passengers. It was regarded as a strong story to be picked up by the various groups of media in public interest. These awards which are organized by Carlson Wagonlit Travel have been recognizing and rewarding the very best people in the Business travel journalism.

This award bestowed much popularity to Ayesha, a flood of congratulations poured in from CNN colleagues and team. The channel recognizes that aviation and travel was an important part of their coverage from quite some time. Ayesha is considered as a sincere, hard working and highly talented face throughout the journalism sector.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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