Jennifer Anne Lee was born on May 30, 1980 in San Francisco, California, US. She completed her degree from the University of California and M.Sc. from Columbia University. She is associated with the fox news channel and hosts a programme on it. She is a journalist and an anchor. During her career she interviewed many high profile celebrities. She involves in playing softball with the woman’s college. She is a woman with extremely good looks, hardworking, and is focused in her work. Some of her works she covered as a journalist include the school shootings and as well as the very famous coverage of Osama Bin Laden apart from other stories which she covered.

She dated her co-worker and co-host Leif Babin. He is a former officer of Navy who served 3 years in Iraq invasion and earned for himself a silver star, 2 bronze stars and a purple heart. Later he is been Jenna’s co-host and co-anchor. They started dating each other and they were very much in love. During their first date they shared a pink margarita as a sign of their love. Later, their affair culminated into marriage on July 3, 2011. They had a very typical fairy tale wedding. The couple in love shared their first memories of dating by offering their guests frozen pink margaritas on their wedding day. 

They were this typical boyfriend-girlfriend just like out of a Mills and Boon novel. Their wedding was a high profile event with 225 guests who were all happy and had a great time all through the night dancing. Jenna looked like a very emotional bride and she couldn’t hold herself her tears and when they said, I do, that was the most defining moment for her in her life as Leif became her husband. A gleaming Jenna said it was a dream come true for her as she was walking down the aisle with Leif. 

Leif was looking completely like a smitten lover and he said that he knew, Jenna was the one in his life whom he regarded as very special from the moment he set his eyes on her. Since their wedding people have been looking into scoops to see if there is trouble in their paradise. But luckily, so far their relationship has been going steady without giving any scope for speculations what so ever be it divorce or an affair. They share a very good equation as a couple and complement each other well. They are now blessed with a baby boy Brian Mark Babin who was born on September 3, 2014. 

The couple look like a happy picture with their bundle of joy cuddled in between. In spite of their busy schedules they kept their relationship alive and are going steady and rock solid. Jenna’s charismatic looks draws crowds to her program she hosts and puts all her efforts into her work. With the birth of their son has bought the couple much closer leading to a very special bond which is very much obvious looking at the picture perfect family.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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