Lloyd Robertson

Lyoyd Robertson is a news anchor and a journalist of Canadian nationality. He is the co-host of the weekly magazine series of CTV called W5. Before he served like a senior editor and a chief anchor for evening Newcast of CTVs.  He retired September 2011 form CTV National News team.  Robertson covered different major events while working like the Expo 67’s opening in 1967.  Other events that he was in charge for are Marathon of Hope of Terry Fox, Olympic Games and Moon Landing, partition of Constitution of Canada and Quebec referendum among others. He was also in charge of the terrorist attack of 9/11 and the death of Princess Diana.  

While on the scene, Lyoyd Robertson covered Berlin Wall’ s construction,  the deaths of four ex prime ministers of Canada, the elections of more than a half of the prime ministers of Canada election, royal and state funerals and US presidential visits.  His name was also used to portray Floyd Robertson for the SCTV comedy series of Joe Flaherty.

Lyoyd Robertson is a son of George Henderson and Lilly Frances born in Ontario.  His father had eight children with the first wife but when she died, he remarried with the mother of Llyod and they had two children together.  His father worked in the Canadian Pacific Railyway and the mother was the housewife. The father is of Scottish descent while the mother came from England.

Lyoyd Robertson was not able to have a good childhood since the mother was suffering from mental problems and she had to undergo a prefrontal lobotomy. His father was old and he had to fight off the cancer when he was still young. Most of the time, Robertson was cared by his half siblings than his parents.

Lyoyd Robertson was interested in the broadcasting from the age 12years when he watched the soldiers matching in Perth Regiment from the World War II and a commentator of CJCS was talking on what it is happening. He said that it was something that was beyond himself because it seemed as it was something which was bigger compared to himself. Lyoyd Robertson got married to a high school sweetheart called Nancy Barrett in1956 and they have got four daughters: Lynda, Susana, Nanci and Lisa with seven grandchildren.

Lyoyd Robertson is known as the longest service news anchor in the history of television.  When he retired at the age of 77, he had the record of being the oldest TV news anchor on the television and the oldest news anchor in the entire Canada. Lyoyd Robertson was able to live his dream for working in the broadcasting to bring out the major events of a day. He has written a memory about his life called The Kind of Life It’s Been.  In the memory he shared his inside story and the insights he got over a long period of his career.

When it comes to the salary or net worth of Lyoyd Robertson, the information varies significantly so the correct information was not yet recorded.  His religion is Presbyterian Church in Canada. He has twitter account and you can follow him to know what he is up to. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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