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Heather Tesch is a Television meteorologist from America. She is currently working with TWC, a weather channel and has been working as a meteorologist from last 14 years informing the viewers about daily weather. Heather was born at Buffalo, America. She spent her childhood days in Minnesota where the weather keeps on changing randomly. She always loved the mystical beauty of the weather. And from those days only, she started having a keen interest in weather changes. Heather was very ambitious from her childhood and decided to study meteorology. She has done B.S in meteorology from the University of New Hampshire. She wanted to make a career in the field of media so she went to University of Minnesota and got her B.A completed in broadcast and journalism.

Heather started her career as a local news channel’s television anchor. She also worked simultaneously as a correspondent for different news channels. She used to watch her colleagues meteorologist and with time she had a spark within of becoming a meteorologist. As an anchor, Heather also had coverage on waste administration. After gaining the required experience, she made a powerful debut as an on camera meteorologist on WPXTV. Later, she switched to WGME-TV. She was also working with WGAL-TV, WCCO-TV situated in Pennsylvania and Minneapolis. Heather has covered the rattling volley of cold winds in the northeast. Being a meteorologist she had presented reports on floods, hurricane that occurred in different parts of the world. Heather warns the public through her channel before any natural disaster.

Heather Tesch is happily married and is blessed with two lovely children. She and her husband are living a calm life with their children in Atlanta. They have not signed any divorce till date and this shows that both are very much affectionate for each other. Heather is a very friendly person and is having a big friend circle. According to her friends she is one of the most cheerful persons with a great sense of humor and anyone would love to work with her. She used to have lots of fun when she is not broadcasting weather reports. Heather is an ardent lover of animals. She likes to spend her free time with her cats and having five cats as her pets. Heather has made people aware of well being and safety of animals and is an advocate of animal rights. She has given her support to various organizations of animal’s rights which provide homes to animals.

According to her age and being a mother of two children, she is still beautiful and attractive. Her personality has attracted a large number of admirers. She is a pretty face combined with brilliant mind and confident personality. In short, she is a beauty with brain. Heather is very secretive in nature and does not like to publicize her personal life. Camping and hiking are among her favorite hobbies. Heather likes to interact with her fans on social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook. Her experience shows that her net worth would be quite high.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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