Sade Baderinwa

Sade Baderinwa is famous for being an evening news anchor at New York’s WABC Channel 7.


Folasade Olayinka Baderinwa who is popularly known as Sade Baderinwa was born on April 14, 1969. Her very unique name means honor confers a crown. She completed her college graduation at the University of Maryland.

Anchor Career

Sade is a breathtakingly beautiful anchor and draws crowds to her program mostly for her charm rather than the news she presents. She first started working with the WABC station in the year 2003. On one of her most notable assignments as a reporter happened on July 23, 2004. She was giving coverage of a flood hit area. Suddenly, she was hit by a speeding vehicle, which left her bed ridden for almost 4 months. However, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, she came back to her post as an anchor and kept focused on her work without missing a beat.

Fighting The Rage of A Married Woman

There were rumors that the hit and run case where she got badly injured was an intended one rather than an accident. To shed some light in this area, it actually started with an affair which Sade had with, Mr. Martin O’Malley who was the mayor of Baltimore. This white man was already married and his wife Catherine came to know about this affair and she took all means to cause damage and destroy Sade. This is how it goes when you have a very high profile married person as your boyfriend. She wasn’t in a serious relationship with him, but the rumor started making rounds that she was carrying his child.

When the news reached Catherine, she made a conscious effort to terrorize Sade and in turn, even sent death threats to her. It was then that Sade decided to move to New York and even there she was not spared from Catherine’s rage. Catherine made it a point to be present in her life by causing her all the possible disturbances which could ruin anybody’s life. It was at this point of time that she was assigned to cover the flood hit area and then the incident of accident which was not truly an accident but was caused by someone to finish her off. It was speculated that the driver was none other than the partner of the mayor, Catherine.

Since Sade didn’t marry the mayor; there was no divorce as but the high profile affair kept making rounds in the news room. The accident left her shattered with a broken rib, broken arm and bruises all over her body. Through all this turmoil, she faced it with courage and recovered within a span of 4 months. However, the thought of that accident even today gives her shocks and the excruciating pain which she had to go through was a nightmare. Any other person given the circumstances would have succumbed to it, but Sade was one strong woman who took all her might come out a winner.

Another Medical Scare

In a scary moment, Sade Baderinwa went off the air for a few months. Fans of the WABC were worried about what happened to her. It was revealed that she suffered from a debilitating concussion that was the result of a bad car accident. She had to stay low key and limit her activities. The evening news anchor at the New York ABC station was eager to update her fans as soon as she felt better.

In a heartfelt and personal Facebook post, she addressed her fans about her health, “What a wild ride it’s been for the last few weeks. So where have I been? Trust me, I wish I had a great tale of adventure to share. Unfortunately, I’ve been recovering from a car accident. This time however (for those who remember my hit and run) I was the passenger, not the one mowed down in the street!”


Fortunately for Sade and the other people in the cars, the accident was not fatal, “Anyway, who knew that sitting at a red light at Columbus Circle would turn into something so immobilizing? We got rear-ended! My co-passenger was fine, thank goodness, but what I immediately knew to be whiplash turned out to be that and so much more!”

Sade faced the toughest parts of the situation after the accident took place, “A few days after the incident I began a downward spiral. One that would not stop. I couldn’t get out of bed, my head felt as if it was going to explode, migraines attacked and grew more and more intense. The pain was unrelenting! All I could do was sleep. Then all the sudden I couldn’t sleep! Meanwhile, every doctor I saw told me to keep sleeping!”

The doctors put her on a strict plan of minimum activity but things didn’t seem to improve, “No cell phones. No computers. No radio. No nada. Just sleep - to relax the brain. I listened to every word they told me, but unfortunately, things kept getting worse.”

She was in a haze, she had double vision, she was nauseous, and she was very dizzy. She couldn’t remember things. Something was terribly wrong with her which made her very afraid. The symptoms with her injury came to light and she was diagnosed with a major concussion.

Two weeks during her rest, she thought she was feeling better. She I even called into work and said she would be able to return. That’s when the Photophobia and Hyperacusis started in her mind. She had a debilitating sensitivity to light and sound. Everything she could see and hear was attacking her skull with daggers. She was in a mental war zone.

In the end of her statement, she wanted to say thank you to all those who’ve sent regards and wondered where she was. After a month, she was finally getting better and finally feeling like herself. She was finally feeling ready to return to work again and get back to her normal routine.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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