Jessica Yellin

Born on 25 February 1971 in California, Jessica Sage Yellin is an American television journalist. Yellin previously was the Chief White House Correspondent for CNN in Washington, D.C. Jessica is a popular personality and information about her education and professional achievement are available online, but there is no information about her personal life. Jessica has not been involved in any affair.

Yellin studied in Santa Monica, CA. She was the president of her graduating class in high school at the West lake school in Los Angeles. Yellin graduated from Harvard with a magna cum laude. She was also an elected member of Phi Beta Kappa.

In August 2013, Yellin was made the chief domestic affairs correspondent. She was not happy with this move and decided to leave CNN in October after a span of 6 years with CNN.

Prior to this, she was the Chief White House correspondent. People she has interviewed include President Barack Obama , First Lady Michelle Obama, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,House Speaker John Boehner ,former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and former top economist Larry Summers.

Yellin's previous assignment was National Political Correspondent at CNN.

Yellin joined CNN in August 2007 as a Capitol Hill correspondent. Before joining CNN, Yellin was the White House correspondent for ABC News. When she was with ABC, the people she interviewed include George H. W. Bush, first lady Laura Bush and Bill Clinton. Her job has also taken her around the world and she has reported from places such as Russia, Europe, China, Mongolia and Latin America

Before joining ABC News, she was correspondent and overnight anchor for MSNBC. Yellin's broadcast career started in 1998 for Central Florida News 13.

In 2010, Yellin won Gracie Award for her reporting on the intersection of politics and women. She reported on the role of women and whether they are treated different to men in politics on the national scene.

Yellin, while reporting the Iraq war and the run up to it, was asked to report favorably by her then employee MSNBC. She spoke about it on Anderson Cooper 360° and later on clarified her comments about it.

Yellin has some of her work published in the Los Angeles times, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times and the Details Magazine.

A very smart and intelligent woman, Yellin has been a really influential person in Washington. Very career oriented and ambitious, she has come a long way from where she started. She has been working with some of the top networks in the top positions and has worked with the best and she has proved herself to be a responsible person and worthy of the position she was in at any point of time.

Yellin is on twitter and can be followed there. Wikipedia lists all her professional achievements. There is absolutely no trace of her personal life, including how much she got paid on the internet.

From what we can see, she has not been divorced or married so far.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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