Kate Silverton

Kate Silverton was born on August 4, 1970 at Waltham Abbey Essex, England. She completed her degree from the University of Durham. She is associated with the BBC news as journalist and TV presenter. Out of the many feathers in her cap, she was a swimming champion and won an award called Queen’s guide award for being the Girl Guide. She completed her degree in pshychology.

Kate Silverton was considered as being very pushy, aggressive and manipulative who always tried to get what she wanted. There was a rift between her and her co-host for BBC where she was dragged into speculations regarding her behavior. When some had to say unkind things to her, there were few other friends who also said that she is an extremely warm and friendly bright, a very talented and intelligent lady. She is a very ambitious woman of substance who catapulted to fame by making a humble beginning. She always voiced her opinions bravely and kept dedicated and focused to her work. She portrayed the picture of a perfect, charismatic, picture perfect image on television as a presenter.

Kate got married to Mike Heron on December 18, 2010. As a young woman, Kate was always embarrassed about her height being 5’10” tall. She always paid attention to her looks and even underwent cosmetic surgery procedure which went wrong followed by a law suit. Her husband, Mike Heron is a singer and song writer as well. Theirs was a typical romantic love affair and were in a relationship for 2 years before they decided for their marriage to happen. It is said that Mike went on his knees to propose her and had a very special gift for her which was specially made for her engagement. It was a forever mark diamond ring. Kate had been single since many years and she never figured herself that she would find love one day and be a wife to somebody. Being all of 40 years she glowed with joy on her wedding day.

It all started when Kate attended a course for BBC journalist. Mike happened to be there too and sparks flew instantly the moment their eyes met like a typical movie story. Later, they started dating and were in a relationship. For Kate, Mike was a typical handsome hunk who was physically very attractive. However, she was more obsessed with his character and the strong moral values apart from being kind and funny. To wind up in one he was this perfect ‘so called’ gentleman. Their relationship has been steady since the wedding and it has been going strong without even a mirror crack in their relationship, which has dismissed all possibilities of an affair or boyfriend issues, which could take the ugly face of divorce.

They have a girl child named Clemency Florence Rose Heron who was born on November 5, 2011. The birth of a child as told by Kate was a miracle as she had a surgery during her young age where one of her ovaries had to be removed. In spite of this medical issue she still gave birth to another boy baby, Wilbur Silverton Heron on June 26, 2014. They make a very perfect and a complete family picture.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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