Lisa LaFlamme

Lisa Laflamme was born on July 20, 1964 at Kitchener, Canada. She is a television journalist and currently, anchor and editor for CTV national news. She completed her graduation from university of Ottawa. She begain her career as a copywriter and script asistant for a local affiliate and gradually worked her way up. Soon afterwards she becomes a news reporter, and reported on everything from consumer products to parliamentary affairs. She was a cohost of Canada AM after that, followed by years of eight years of being an national correspondent. 

When asked about her journalism successes, she says that a lot of what she does have to do with making people feel okay about revealing their lives and stories infront of a camera. "We are trying to get people to reveal their most personal stories". "I feel that so much of the job is psychology, to try to make people feel comfortable." “And once they feel comfortable they’ll tell you their story, and once they’ve told it, we can tell the world, and maybe somebody can help somewhere. “It’s all about empathy and, I believe, trust.”

She is currently is the chief anchor of CTV, taking over Llyod Robertson's position after his departure. Speaking in regards to the challenges that journalism in general faces from the age of 140 character tweets and the average joe armed with a smartphone camera, she says that she isn't worried. "

"I still view it as highly important and highly relevant,” she notes bluntly. “Because I believe at the end of the day, the general public still wants context, and you can spend your whole day jumping on or offline or reading tweets, but you can’t get a sense of anything in 140 characters. “Only a fool thinks these are mutually exclusive. The reality is conventional television has to embrace the new reality. We have to live in the same world. I think the two will dance quite nicely in the pond.’’" 

She says that she also faced a lot of challenges being a women in the news room in the 80s. Where she was often laughed at and dismissed. But she notes that things have gotten a lot better and sometimes the gender balance is in favor of women in the news room. 

“In ‘88, there were no full-time female reporters in the newsrooms I worked in,’’’ she says of her early days.“And there was definitely a division of stories: the murders would go to the men and the bake sales would go to the women.“I ran into scenarios I remember specifically, where I walked back to some editing suites with all men in there, and they were watching my story — it was about the environment, a perfectly editorially solid story — and they were laughing. And I remember thinking, ‘OK, you can’t win.’ “Now, look at newsrooms. If it’s not 50-50, sometimes there are more women than men. But that was the environment at that time — it’s just the way they were.’’  


One feather in her cap as a journalist is that she contributed to the coverage of September 11 attacks as well as the Iraq war. She won five nominations in the best anchor category and she was awarded a galaxy award for best anchor. She has interviewed some great high profile celebrities in her career. Everyone from the Stephen Harper(former prime minister of canada) to british royalty. 

Lisa is a woman of substance who is dedicated to her work and carries it of very well. Her charismatic looks, knowledge in her field and the ability to draw crowds by her charm made her one of the successful anchors. She always considered being fit and in shape, a priority over everything else. To achieve this, she underwent a few plastic surgeries to maintain that charm which in turn fetched her, a good income along with the hard work she put into it. 

In spite of being 50 years of age, she hasn’t been in a marriage or a relationship all through this years. There were no rumors of an alleged boyfriend as well and so there is no question of the term divorce in her life. All the above may make her look like a lesbian. However the fact is, it is not true. At a very young age she was in a relationship, but it didn’t progress and she had to end it. It was in her early twenties that it had happened in her life. The mystery man is not known. However, since then, through all these years she hasn’t been involved in any relationships, neither does she have an affair. 

Her life revolves solely on her work and she doesn’t have time and the need to have a husband in her life. Looking at her 6 figure salary annually she is regarded as one successful woman who has made it on her own. Her work has kept her occupied. She has reached a stage in her life, where nothing else matters to her life any more. At the moment, she is focused on her on her work more than anything else but she does have plans to get married someday.

Sometimes, people get so involved in their work that they don’t realize the good times they have missed out and before they even realize, it will be high time to get back to what they really wanted in life. Lisa loves traveling a lot. She does not have children but she has about eight nephews and nieces, whom she loves a lot and she is happy with it. She says it gives her the satisfaction of being close to motherhood. During her coverage of Iraq, she fell seriously ill, due to an infection which destroyed one of her kidney badly. She was rushed to the hospital in Jordan and she was in bed when the infamous Saddam crawling from hole was captured. As of now, she is a very content woman and happy with her life.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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