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Adrienne Bolling is famous in media as the wife of Eric Bolling. Eric is a baseball player turned commodity trader and is also a television personality. The couple had one son, Eric Chase Bolling, who died of a drug overdose in September of 2017. Adrienne Bolling was born Adrienne J. Leventhal on June 10, 1963; to John and Marie Leventhal.


Since Adrienne’s name became known to the media only after her marriage, there has not been much written about her childhood. Furthermore, she never talked about her parents, siblings, or schooling to the media. Her husband, Eric Bolling, has also never shared anything about his wife’s childhood with the media. Adrienne’s current relationship with her parents is also not known to media. It does seem like the relationship with her husband has given her a new identity; as Eric Bolling's wife, and she doesn't seem to mind. It seems like Adrienne herself is a good person; she is beautiful and has an attractive face and nice physique. She also appears to have some class and always acts as a well mannered lady. The main thing that matters is that the couple is happy being together. Adrienne and Eric appear to truly love each other and are happy being together. There is a belief among media types that Adrienne is actually Eric’s high school sweetheart. Neither of them has never commented or even confirmed or denied this information. Eric was not associated with many girlfriends, before his marriage. Thus, when he got married, there were no sensitive rumors that got spread. Neither of them had been married or engaged before and Adrienne was never associated with any other celebrity before Eric. There is no information about Adrienne’s past boyfriends.

 Eric Bolling follows the Republican Party and is a conservative. Eric has a masculine body and a well-structured face along with heaps of charm and that attracts many women towards him. Although it is not known when the couple actually met, it appears that they were introduced through Eric Bolling’s best friend, Gretchen Carlson. Gretchen and Eric actually got married on the same day, but of course, with different people. Adrienne’s son was born in 1998. There is no evidence to prove that Adrienne was pregnant when she got married.

They never had a fight which had become public. Neither of them is associated with any extra marital rumors. It is said that Adrienne is a very supportive wife. They are Roman Catholics. Though Eric is very active in social media and posts pictures of his personal life, he never shares any written details about his life. Adrienne is not active in social media and does not share her life with the public. Adrienne and her son are inert to the media.

Eric always praises his wife in interviews. Thus, it is assumed that this nineteen years old marital life will last for a long time. For many years, Adrienne Bolling had a seemingly perfect life, with her husband and son always by her side. Per Chicago magazine, the family loved to travel on vacations and was seen at church every Sunday. Eric himself goes to St. Patrick’s Cathedral five days a week to light candles. The Bolling family has often been involved in charity and social services.


The son of the former baseball player also turned out to be a fine baseball player. He played left field for the local high school team. Adrienne’s adorable son was also a great student.


Eric Bolling was suspended from Fox news amid allegations that he texted unsolicited lewd photographs to multiple female colleagues in years past. He was also accused of making "wildly inappropriate" comments to female colleagues at Fox news and Fox Business Network.  A former Fox news guest, Caroline Heldman, also alleged that Bolling made unwanted sexual advances toward her. The suspension came a day after the Huffington Post reported that Bolling sent an unsolicited photo of male genitalia to at least two colleagues at Fox Business and one colleague at Fox News. The accusation against him was the latest to beleaguer the media outlet, which had recently seen the departures of other big names, including former host Bill O'Reilly and late Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, amid other allegations of sexual misconduct. It was rumored that Adrienne felt confident that her husband was innocent and was standing by her man through it all. The couple filed a fifty million dollar defamation lawsuit against the Huffington Post reporter who wrote the story responsible for his suspension. The suit is a defense, similar to that of Fox personality Sean Hannity, to push back against unnamed, unproven claims levied at Fox News most Conservative and popular voices. The writer of the Huffington Post story, Yashar Ali, stated that he stands by the accuracy of the story but plans to protect his sources. In September of 2017 it was announced on Fox news that Bolling had parted ways and that Fox News Specialists was being cancelled.


Adrienne Bolling’s son, Eric Chase Bolling, died on September 9, 2017, the day after his father left Fox news. The police initially labeled the death as “unintended”, and it was later revealed that Eric’s death was an accidental overdose that included opioids. Eric Bolling has since worked on President Donald Trump’s opioid counsel and offers this advice to parents: “parents are always saying, ‘I just don’t know how to have this conversation with my kid.’ Well, you have to. I’ll never forget this with my son, you know when I was getting worried [I asked] “Eric what’s going on?’ He said ‘Dad, I got this.’ And he didn’t. You just can’t listen to them; you have to be part of their lives and have the discussions and if you think there is an issue, absolutely get more help. I think that’s the side that people kind of ignore, they think ‘oh well, they took it, then they died and that’s their own fault.’ But there’s a lot of people that don’t even realize that this can happen.”


There is nothing that we know about Adrienne’s career. With Eric’s net worth of $150 million, it is assumed that Adrienne is well settled.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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