Kimberly Fey is famous for her broken marriage with Donnie Wahlberg. She is also famous for the drama that involved around the divorce.

Personal life

Kim has no connection with Tina Fey other than the same family name. Kim and Donnie got married in 1999. They have two children together. Kim was working in Marky Mark, when she met Donnie for the first time. It is not known how long they were dating before they got married. Kim gave birth to her first son in 1993, six years before getting married. She gave birth to her second son in 2001. She was just 22 years when she met him.

Divorce reason

Kim initiated the divorce in 2008 and got officially separated from her husband in 2010. The official reason for the separation was cited as irreconcilable differences. The reason for the divorce is rumored to be Michelle Tomlinson. Michelle is a Canadian model who was said to have had a secret affair with Kim’s husband. Michelle never came up to the media to support or deny the rumor. Donnie did not comment on the rumor too. Kim never mentioned that her husband had an extra marital affair. Kim also once mentioned that Donnie is very obsessive and it drove her crazy. They got separated after 9 years. There were no proofs of any fights or misunderstanding before they got divorced. They were seen together a lot, in public.

She requested for sole custody of her children with visiting rights for Donnie. She also sought spousal support and attorney fee from Donnie. It is not known whether her demands were met or not. There was no battle or legal drama and thus, it is assumed that her demands were met.

Life after divorce

Donnie did marry after his divorce. He did not date Michelle during or after his divorce. Kim did not get into dating or marriage soon after her divorce. Soon, her life faded out from the media and it is not known whether she is single or not. Her sons are all grown up now. Her net worth is not known to media. It is said that Donnie and Kim are close together after divorce but, there are no evidences to prove the same. The real reason to why Kim is still single is not known to media. It is assumed that she is still waiting for the right guy.

Kim is not very active in social media. As far as the media could probe, it is known that Kim is still single. Kim used to comment on a lot of Donnie’s behaviors when she was married to him. She did not comment on his second marriage. She never gave out any interviews after the separation. Thus, it is assumed that it was a smooth divorce.


Kim is an engineer in the music industry. She met her husband when she was working in Marky Mark. She was a successful recording engineer before she met Donnie. There are no evidences that she worked after marriage. After divorce, her life went out of limelight and there is nothing that we know about her current career status.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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