Son of Thomas and Penny, Luke Macfarlane had his birth at London. A television actor primarily and composer as well, he shot to prominence by starring in Brothers & Sisters and Killjoys. Before that he used to play side roles and after he starred in Brothers & Sisters his fortune changed altogether and he started getting central roles as in Iron Road, Satisfaction, The Night Shift and Mercy Street. When we trace his biography, we get to know that he was the student of drama at a school called Juilliard which is in the city of New York. Interested in drama, Luke started to begin his acting career and starred in many television series and stages. He played his transforming role as Scotty Wandell in Brothers  & Sisters and after that he established himself as a prominent actor. From Brothers & Sisters onwards, his career got a kind of propulsion and he was set as an actor into the orbit of Cinema. At stage he played the primary role of Where Do We Live and also got a prominent role to play in the Busy World Is Hushed. Macfarlane is not only the actor but a singer, songwriter and composer as well. From very early age he showed a great interest in Music and went on to become the Musician actually. And the band he belonged to is named Fellow Nameless. He wrote songs for it and also sang them.

Macfarlane stated in an interview that he is a gay and described a kind of fear at exposing himself as a gay. He felt a strange fear regarding the career he was in and thought maybe he will become the victim of discrimination. But nothing of the sort happened and he is successfully acting in Killjoys and more and more work is coming to him. He can be said as having a successful career in cinema.

Macfarlane was involved in many relationships and it is public now that Charlie David, Chad Slivinski, T.R. Knight and Wentworth Miller were his boyfriends over a time. He had many boyfriends and was in very active relationship with all of them. Some of them denied any such association but nothing could be denied when it is done so publicly. Despite the denials from other side, his relationship with them remains a fact to some extent.

Macfarlane was dating all of them mentioned above. He was dating first of all Charlie David but then went on to date T.R. Knight but again over a short time and then he was again caught dating but this time Wentworth Miller and this dating got a lot of public attention because it was done more publicly. After Miller, Macfarlane dated Chad Slivinski and some believed it a rumour and some denied it altogether but nothing could be said for sure. Macfarlane has earned a good amount from his career and the net worth he is possessing is somewhat 3 Million USD and this amount he earned from acting in TV serials, films and from Music career.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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