Chandler Riggs has his birthday on 27 June 1999 just before the arrival of the 21st century. His father William Riggs is a business and mother Gina Ann is a teacher. He is of white ethnicity. He was very interested in movies and TV shows since his childhood days. For siblings, he has one brother named Grayson Riggs. Chandler was at first not that intrigued by being a performer he simply needed to be in the group yet he inspired many individuals all through his show classes and with his exhibitions. He then understood that he can possibly do acting. This then enlivened him to do acting thus he did. His first motion picture was Fierce Creatures for which he assumed a part of a zookeeper. Be that as it may, the part was little it allowed him to show up before the camera and support his certainty and self-regard. He never thought back after this and began doing TV shows and films alike. A portion of the motion pictures that he did are The skilled Mr. Ripling, Coupling, Ultraviolet and the sky is the limit from there.

He made his debut in 2006 in the horror movie Jesus H. Zombie. This movie was the horror comedy genre. He started getting roles after the movie as the movie industry came to know about his acting talents and wanted to cast him in their movies. He's got his best role to date in 2010. This show is a based on zombies and has gotten itself named as one of the best shows on IMDB and other websites. This series has gotten the golden globes many times. Riggs has won Saturn Awards for the best young talent in 2013 as well as 2016. Riggs has given some very good performances in the shows and has now been considered as one of the best young actors in the industry.

There is not much known about his personal life. He is 5 ft 5 inch and has long hair. He is still in his teenage so his voice is expected to change in the coming years. He is currently in a relationship with Hana Hayes. Before her, Brianna Maphis was his girlfriends. She was a very famous Instagram star with 500,000 followers on Instagram. She also had a huge following on facebook and twitter. She posts beautiful pictures on Instagram and that's how she came to know about Riggs as he himself is a pretty famous Instagrammer. They broke up after sometimes and he started dating his current girlfriend after that. His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2016. He is doing very well in his acting career and is expected to become one of the biggest sets of the industry of he goes on working like this. His fans can follow his on facebook as well as twitter. His biography can be read on Wikipedia as well as IMDB as well as on other websites on the internet. His character has become one of the important characters on the show.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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