Elizabeth Prann was born in 1985 in Aurora, Colorado. She was a very shy girl in her childhood. Her parents of are white ethnicity and so that makes her white as well. She was raised in Colorado and went to a nearby high school. She was a very good student and got good grades all throughout her college. She got interested in media while she was in highs school. She started watching news and political shows to get the better idea of the world around her. It is when she came to know about all the atrocities in the world she decided to work in the news field and that's what she did when she grew up.

Penn initially started working with the FOX studio in 2006 as their commentator and she managed her position for 2 years leaving the company in 2008. She again started working at FOX news for a short while She again for the one time moreover made her reunification with the relationship in 2010 and henceforth conceals the data even from the southeastern part of the United States. In her calling in FNC, she has encased more than a couple story together with the storm Irene and the Georgian Drought, and the dominant part late sea tempest Isaac. She is known to be a very hard working news reporter and has worked through many natural calamities. She has likewise worked as the generation right hand in the system of Fox .

She is also very beautiful and has been praised for her remarkable grace with which she presents herself to the audience. She worked with the NBC for a little while when she left FOX news in 2008. She however did not stay there for long as she missed her old firm and so moved back again in 2010. She has been also seen in different charitable events on many occasions.

She got married Darren O'Day on November 20, 2010. The couple met at a friends party and started dating later on. After some dates they decided to get married which has proven to be the very happy event for both of them. Her marriage took place in front of her family members and close friends. She has one child with her husband. She named her daughter Claire O'Day who was born in 2014. She has been very active on social media as she has to connect with the audience and has to have the idea of what is going on in the world. There is not much known about her as she keeps her private life to herself which makes it difficult to know about her life. Her fans can follow her on social media platforms such as twitter and facebook. She is also active on Instagram as she posts pictures of her day to day life on the platform. There is no information about her salary or net worth as she hasn't revealed the actual number but it is expected to be quite high since she is a very senior figure at the FOX news. Her biography can be read on Wikipedia.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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