Elizabeth Mitchell

Famous for her role that she played in Lost, Elizabeth Mitchell became popular as Dr. Juliet of Lost. She was born in America, more precisely in California. Over the time she has become a proficient TV actress and many films like The Santa Clause 2 and 3 or The Purge: Election Year and Gia she has successfully worked in. Mitchell comes from a lawyer family. Both her parents are Lawyers. She had her graduation in Performing and Visual Arts. It was not over here. She went on to graduate from Stephens College in acting and after that did a course in British American Drama Academy. She is quite a learned actress actually and that is evident when we learn from her biography about her acting career. She started her acting career in theatre and popular among them is Dallas Theatre Centre. After theatre she did get work in TV series like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Lost, V and many others. During this time she was also cast in a film called Answers to Nothing and after that did her role in TV series called Revolution. Once Upon a Time and Dead of Summer are other series she worked in lead roles.

When it comes to actresses, people always inquire about their relationships and they have a reason to know so because they see them often in public together with many actors. Case is not different with Mitchell. She too had a number of relationships, though each for a very short duration. After establishing herself as an actress, Mitchell enjoyed stardom and during this time she also was dating David Lee Smith and had a live-in relationship with him. But that could not sustain more a longer period and she started dating Gary Bakewell and that too ended before it could mature into a marriage. Mitchell then started another relationship and this time it was with Chris Soldevilla and she married Chris.

Her husband Chris, also an actor and she remained together for some time before ending their marriage. But the affection between the two vanished after some time and if anything was left between them was only the parting of ways. Both started to realize that they are actually separate creatures and as such should separate.

From this marriage they were blessed with not many children actually but her son Christopher Joseph Soldevilla was born and the family lived in Washington peacefully during this time. But the marriage ultimately ended because of the growing differences between Chris and Mitchell. She is often confused with another Elizabeth Mitchell who is a singer.

Mitchell`s career spans not only to the TV but she has an enormous list of movies added to her bag. Besides doing films, her theatre career is also a large one and successful one. She earned fame and wealth as well from her career. Mitchell enjoyed a successful career as an actress and earned huge amount from her career. Her net worth is 17 Million USD. And the figure is witness to the fact that she is prominent actress and loved one too.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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