Eric Bolling came into this world in the 1963 on March 2, in his native Chicago, Illinois. He studied at the St. Basilica School. After that he continued his education by attending High school at Loyola’s academy. After school he studied at Rollins College in sunshine Florida and finished his education in the 1984 with a bachelor's degree of Arts in economy. Eric also got a fellowship to University's School of Public Policy named after Duke. At the same year Eric takes a part in the twenty second round in the 1984 main league draft on baseball by the local Pittsburgh team and then he became a part to them in the beginner League of the east coast. Soon he decides to close his baseball professional time because of a cuff injury of his torn rotator.

After his crush in the sport career, Eric turns to economy degree and gets the job of a commodities main trader. Since that time he entered the financial industry and was a professional specialist in trading sphere of varied agricultural and strategic resources. He also was a worker of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group for five years and then became one of the director’s strategic advisors of the Company. After his great experience, Eric decided joint to CNB channel and was a contributor for several years. He was also worked on developing CNB channel project “Fast Money”.

Eric Bolling left his job in August of 2007 and then decided to move to another Business media platform. During the last years he worked as an analyst of financial action. On the Fox he also appeared as the main host of new project "Happy Hour" which was something like a business project show and was on translated at the same time as his last project on Consumer News and Business Channel. During the years on Fox, he takes a part as a guest person in few Fox News projects like “Factor Oreilly”, and “Fox and Friends”.  He is best known as strong person with his own position who was early involved in many political debates. Once he also said that the Gabon president and famous rapper are “hoods in the hizzy” during he criticized 44th President Barack Obama in the middle of 2011.

He also was nominated as one of the top hundred traders by the Trader Monthly in 2005 and 2006. In the 2007 Eric was awarded at the “Trader Monthly Awards”.  Eric Bolling also published his own first book “Wake Up America”, which was released in the 2016 and soon became one of the best sellers of NY Times. As hobby he collects pretty expensive cars.

Eric was married to her longtime girlfriend Adrienne at the end of 90s. Eric and his beautiful wife have a just one kid - Eric junior, who have a second name Chase. Their family currently lives in NY City. His total net worth is approximately fifteen million dollars. Eric also gets a year salary of about ten million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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