Working as actress and producer, Rachel Elizabeth Boston attained stardom because of her involvement in many TV Serials and films as well. Rachel Elizabeth Boston rose to prominence as an actress by acting in American Dreams. She played the role of Beth Mason in American Dreams and shortly after that she started bagging many roles and starred in USA Network, The Ex List and many other TV serials.

Being born in Tennessee though but she had much of her upbringing at Signal Mountain. She could not stay much longer at Signal Mountain and had to shift to New York in order to study at New York University. Her biography is witness to her elevation in her acting career and it would not be wrong to tag her as one of the successful and beautiful actress of America. Her role in The Pill earned her the Best Actress Award during San Diego Film Festival and other praiseworthy words from cinema personalities. After getting roles in many other films and serials, she turned towards producing independent movies and for Black Marigolds she was the executive producer.

Boston, irrespective of her successful acting career, isn`t married yet. She is focussed right now to do what she is meant to do and that is acting. Though the speculations are ripe that how could such a woman who has successful acting career at hand be single but nothing could be concluded of her marriage as yet. Maybe she did not get break from her busy schedule or it can also be speculated maybe she is secretly married but nothing could be said with certainty.

Boston, no doubt she isn`t married, has had been involved in an open relationship with Brad Hargreaves. A drummer by profession, Brad and Boston were not shy about their relationship, instead, the two were very public and gave no chance of any suspicion to grow in the public circle. They were seen together at parties and other public gatherings. Though they romanced publicly, but that romance came to an abrupt end without any reason made public. After their alleged separation they were never seen together again on any party or public occasion.

Boston has been one of the most focussed actresses of all time. And this attitude earned her many films and TV series. If anything this busy schedule cost her, it was her dating experience. No doubt she was dating Brad but that did not remain for longer period and she again turned her whole attention towards her career at hand. She never herself commented on her dating anyone and as such nothing could be said with certainty. But the point is, she has established herself as an actress of great repute and it cannot be that she is without a boyfriend. After acting in bunch of movies and TV serials, Boston not only earned fame and awards but wealth as well. Her net worth is 2 million USD. And that is nothing short of anything because she earned it in quite a small duration of her career.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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