Traci Renee Braxton, popularly known as Traci Braxton, is a singer, an actor and a radio personality by profession. She came to life on April 2nd 1971 and is a Native American. She was born in Severn, Maryland, U.S to the parents Michael Conrad Braxton who was a worker at a power company and to Evelyn Jackson who was an opera singer by profession. She has 5 siblings, one a brother named Michael and 4 sisters named Toni, Twanda, Trina and Tamar. Her sister Toni is a very famous musician and celebrity and Traci has worked many times with her in the past.

Traci’s family was of religious inclination and the siblings grew in somewhat conservative religious environment. Traci married her present husband ‘Kevin Surrat’ and has a son with him named ‘Kevin Surrat Jr.’. However recently there has been news of some differences in the couple and they might be probably heading for a split in the times to come. Traci is known have gained a lot of weight in the past because of her unhealthy eating habits and she recently admitted in an interview that she went through an extensive weight loss program to look beautiful and sexy and in the process she lost around 64 pounds of weight in a span of just 2 years. She credits her weight loss to a strict gym routine and a diet program which was primarily focused towards cutting calories.

According to her biography, Traci started her career as a singer with her sisters when they signed a contract with Arista Records in the year 1989. They also came up with a song named ‘Good Life’ together but the song failed miserably at the box office. The song did not gain much popularity and the sisters had to split up as the musical company ended their contract. Later on Traci appeared as a supporting singer to her sister Toni in many of her performances. However not being able to make a successful career, Traci shifted towards Radio and Television. She later on appeared in the reality show named ‘Starting Over’ in 2004 and gained some popularity. However in 2011 Traci once again reunited with her family and sisters to act in a reality show named ‘Braxton Family Values’. The show gained much popularity and was a success on the box office.

Traci later on appeared in another TV show named ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ which also became very popular. Traci, in 2014 also released a solo musical album named ‘Crash and Burn’ and her album as well as the single tracks of the albums were instant hits and her singing got much applaud from the audiences. She later on performed in a radio show named ‘The Traci Braxton show’ which was radio casted on BLIS.F.M radio. The show was also a hit amongst the listeners.

Traci has got a total net worth of around $300 thousand and her net worth is projected to increase in the future considering his present and future work on TV, in singing and on radio.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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