Teddy Atlas was born on 29 July 1956. He was born in New York City. The name of his father is Dr Theodore A Atlas and he worked as a medical doctor. Teddy’s mother’s name is Mari Ryan Atlas and she was a former Miss America Contestant. She also worked as a model during her youth. It is known that his father had his roots in Hungary and Teddy’s childhood was spend in New York. As per the records, his parents were really wealthy.

There is no information about his schooling as it is known that he dropped out of his school as he was one of the troublesome kids in the school. As per the records, he had also been arrested many times because he was involved in armed robberies. Teddy was caught and sentenced for a term at Rikers Island. He had also been involved in several fights and during one such fight, he was at the receiving end. His opponent had a knife and he gave him several sever cuts. That resulted in almost 400 stitches on his face. 200 of these stitches were outside the wound and 200 of these were inside the wound.

Teddy started his career as a boxer and he won many fights. During one of the fights he received a back injury because of which doctors advised him to give up the sports. It was at that time when he decided to continue the game as a trainer. It is known that he left the training camp after a fight with Mike Tyson. It was reported that Mike sexually assaulted his relative and Teddy lost his temper after that. This resulted in Teddy pointing a handgun towards Mike at point-blank range.

Teddy later started working as a trainer for Michael Moorer and his student got the title of world heavy weight in 1994. Teddy also worked for Barry McGuigan. Later in 2009, Teddy started training Alexander Povetkin. Teddy also worked as a commentator for NBC and he covered Olympic Games of 2000, 2004, 2008, and even 2012. It is known that at present, Teddy is working with ESPN as a commentator and he mostly works as a commentator for the boxing matches.

At present, Teddy is married to Elaine Atlas and his wife gave birth to two children after the marriage. The name of his children are Teddy and Nicole. Nicole his daughter and Teddy is his son. He is known to be active on micro-blogging platform called twitter and he has a huge number of fans on twitter as well.

It is also known that in 1997, Teddy laid the foundation of a charity that helps individuals by granting them scholarship. The foundation was started in memory of Dr Theodore Atlas. In 2006, Teddy also published a book. The book was his own autobiography. Annual salary of this former boxer is not known but his net worth is estimated to be around 2 Million US Dollars.

Last Modified: Feb 1, 2021

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