Ted was born on 30 May 1968. He was born in California in United States of America and it is known that he presently lives in Los Angeles. The name of his father is Bob McGinley and the name of his mother is Emily McGinley. During his education, Ted enjoyed working as a lifeguard and he saved many lives because of his attentive nature. It is also known that he was really fond of surfing when he was young. Apart from surfing, Ted was also fond of water polo and basketball. There is not much information available about his parents but it is known that his childhood was spend with his parents in California itself.

It is known that he started his career quite early and he started his career as a model. It was during one such modelling assignment when a director spotted him and gave him a role in Happy Days. He worked in the show for 4 years and the show was really popular among the audience. He later got a role in Yung Doctors in Love and Revenge of the Nerds. In 1989, Ted got a chance to work in Married with Children and he worked in show for almost 8 years. Later in 2003, Ted got a role in Hope and Faith. Prior to working in Hope and Faith, Ted worked as a new anchor in The West Wing.

In 1993, Ted worked in Wayne’s World and the show received a heavy criticism from the critics. It is said that some of the roles that Ted did were quite negative in nature. He got an offer to work in several shows all these years and in 2008 he was also featured in Dance with the Stars. His dancing partner was Inna Brayer and he couldn’t survive the competition for long. Ted was eliminated during the second elimination.

He was also offered to join a show by the producer of Duck Dynasty but later it was announced that the show has been cancelled. Talking about his career, he worked in 23 movies and some of these movies were super hit across the globe. He also worked in Scooby Doo movie and he was also featured in Pearl Harbour in 2001. There is no information about the awards he received.

In 1991, Ted decided to get married and he tied knot with Gigi Rice. His wife gave birth to two children after the marriage and the name of his children are Stearns McGinley and Terman McGinley. Ted also worked in over 50 TV shows and the most recent one was The Bridge Part 2. He also worked in shows like Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

Information regarding Ted’s monthly salary is not public but it is known that Ted’s total net worth is about 5 Million American Dollars. He also has a huge fan base who follows him on all social networking sites.

Last Modified: Feb 1, 2021

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