Tara McKillop is known for being the wife of English stand up comedian and actor, Lee Mack.


Tara McKillop was born nearly forty years ago in England. Her parents were happy to welcome their daughter into the world. There is no detailed information available about her family and upbringing. She seems to have no siblings as there is no information about them on the public record. While she was a child, she grew up as an ordinary girl and attended her local school. During her formative years, she was interested in music and sports. There isn’t any information available about her higher education and career. She is happy to be in the shadow of her famous husband and does not like to share too much personal information about herself.

Marriage to the Funny Man

Tara is a happily married woman that won the jackpot when she fell in love with a stand up comedian. In 2005, she and her boyfriend, an English stand-up comedian and actor Lee Gordon McKillop, got married. Her husband is best known under his stage name, Lee Mack. His career as a comedian and actor started after he became the winner of the show “So You Think You're Funny” at the 1995 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Since then, Lee has played the role of Graham, the security guard in the original radio version of “The Mighty Boosh”. He was able to parlay his success into his own radio show on BBC Radio 2 called “The Lee Mack Show”, where different celebrities like to appear and hang out with Lee.

Mack was then asked to bridge his career into television because of his emerging momentum. He took part in ITV's “The Sketch Show” and also was seen in the American version of it. In 2005, Lee hosted a comedy game based on sports called “They Think It's All Over”. Two years after, he performed on comedy television show “Telly Hell” on TV Heaven. “Not Going Out” for BBC One, was the first sitcom for Lee. He played the leading character, for which he got many laughs and praise. The premiere of the show occurred on October 6, 2006. The program would last for many years because of Lee’s strong performances. It was even awarded by a Rose d'Or and RTS Award.

In 2007, Mack became a team captain on the BBC One comedy panel show “Would I Lie to You?”. Four years after, Lee created a new program called “Lee Mack's All Star Cast” for BBC One. The show is some kind of a game in which the audience participates to get a spot in a sketch at the end of the show. Since February 7, 2014, Lee was seen on “Duck Quacks Don't Echo”, a comedy-based panel show for Sky1. Due to the persistent work, the family’s net worth is estimated to be nearly $1 million dollars.


Behind every successful man there is always a woman. This proverb describes the McKillop family the best. All achievements and awards of Lee can be mostly credited to his wife. During their relationship, she believed in him, despite all the troubles and obstacles. She was the one who gave him inspiration, love and respect. Tara is the person, whom he can trust and rely on. They both are a good example of a perfect family. They have three wonderful children, together. There is not many photos of the family online, they prefer to keep their life in a secret bubble and away from the media.

Sitcom Reflecting Real Family Life

On Mack’s famous sitcom, “Not Going Out”, Mack decided to skip forward in the show’s timeline when the eight season debuted. He explained to Radio Times about his decision to go into the future,  “The truth is I just wanted to write a sitcom about what I am in real life, which is a husband and dad of three kids [Arlo, 12, Louie, 10, and Millie, 5]. It allows me to tap into stories that have an element of truth. It also means that when stuff happens to me in real life, I don’t get angry about it, I just write it down and use it. For instance, for one of my kids’ birthdays, we all went to the cinema before going for lunch. My wife Tara was letting the kids fill up huge cups of pick ’n’ mix sweets. I said, ‘Do you think they should be having this much sugar before lunch? Let’s leave the cups half-full.’ She said, ‘Fine, but you do know they’re priced by the cup, not by the weight?’ And these cups are ridiculously expensive at £5.99 each. So I suddenly heard myself say, ‘Right, get it to the top,’ and I began frantically pressing the sweets down into each cup, cramming as many in there as physically possible. I was thinking, ‘I refuse to be ripped off by these people!’ And as we walked away, I thought, ‘Brilliant. I’ll use that. We can do an episode about how much sugar kids eat.’”

Mack is so happy that he has a family that he can rely on when he needs material for his show. Instead of having a garden shed full of equipment, Mack uses his garden shed to write for his show. He said that he’s tried to find creative places to write but his garden shed has been the winner recently. He likes to get up early and wander outside in his pajamas to do a full day for work. Nothing else seems to work for him. He once even tried a canal boat, but there were too many ducks to feed. The wood-burning stove proved too much of a temptation. He loves his shed because it’s so boring, there’s nothing in there to distract him when he’s plotting the storylines and story arcs for his show.”

Tara is fine with being the butt of Mack’s jokes on his show as long as there is balance. He can poke fun at the family as long he shows the world how much he also loves them.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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