Sibila Vargas was born in the year 1968 and she is a Dominican American who works as a news anchor at 5,6 and on 11pm, during the weekday edition at WNBC-TV in the New York City. She is a former news anchor during morning and at 11am edition at the CBS 2 News’s KCBS-TV of Los Angeles, it was KRIV before in Houston, in Texas. He also worked as entertainment reporter of CNN.

At the beginning, she was working like a freelance entertainer reporter of KTLA-TV in the city of Los Angeles of California. Before the tenure at the KTLA-TV, he worked like a guest co-host of The View at ABC. She also worked like a host for TV Guide Channel at FXM Dailies, Fox Movie Channel News and Hollywood Insider. She graduated from Long Island University, cum laude. She did psychology and she has a good command of Spanish and she can speak this language in a fluent manner.

After joining CNN in 2004, she was an entertainment correspondent and anchor of CNN/U.S and it is based in Los Angeles at California Bureau. She worked like a regular guest at American Morning on their Anderson Cooper 360 and on 90 Second Pop shows. She was a reporter of many key entertainment events and they include the reality show at Fox Network called American Idol and Friends sitcom’s finale at NBC.

Sibila Vargas had made herself a name through blogsphering and had a hostile interview in 2006 with Neil Young. She questioned his patriotism after criticizing George W Bush. She said that Young was only criticizing Bush for selling the records and she expressed the outrage that a person with less platform and a Canadian should not be open to speak on America without expecting the backlash.

From her biography, Sibila Vargas is married and her husband is Alex Pappas. They have two children, both sons, Nicholas Vargas Pappas and Christos Vargas Pappas. Sibila Vargas is a daughter in-law for late Ike Pappas who worked as a correspondent of CBS for over 25 years. He is the person who reported about Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination. She is active on social media like Twitter and Facebook but her net worth and salary has not been disclosed yet.

Sibila Vargas was working as anchor of Fox Station at Houston when she got recognized by Texas Associated Press for the work she had behind desk. While anchoring live, she covered Hurricane of 2008. While working as a morning cast, she got the first Texas AP Award and she posted the highest ratings in 2008. When she was in Dominican, she was attending a church affiliated to her boarding school and she said that this is where she got journalism career calling. Alexander Pappas, her husband worked as a first assistant director of Stargate SG-1, Stargate Universe and Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate Continuum.

Last Modified: Nov 15, 2020

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