His biography starts with both his personal and professional information. He is the lead guitar of his band R5. His date of birth is 1st of November 1994. He is known for his soul which old and for his calm presence. He is now getting the opportunity to shoot different commercial projects in his residential place, Los Angeles. He is the founder of his band R5. He is the song - writer as well writing songs for his band R5. Along with his siblings Ross and Riker, he is able to write many songs for his band.

His place of birth is Littleton, in Colorado. There are five children of his parents and he was the third. They were four boys and only one girl. With the dreams to make a career in the entertainment industry, his family moved to Los Angeles. Rocky was always keen to learn new things. After teaching himself, how to play guitar, he taught to his brother Ross and Riker. They started playing it together and they also recruited their sister to play a keyboard. Her name was Rydel Lynch. They also added their best friend in their group of band R5. His name was Ellington Ratliff. He was very good at playing the drum. Thus, the band got complete finally. Name of his father is Mark. He was born in the year 1994. He is a singer of America. He has his own band R5 of which he is a singer. He is associated with this band by his siblings. He is living in Los Angeles.

With the help of his brothers, Rocky was able to make several numbers of songs. He is able to play different instruments, such as triangle, drums, guitar as well as Bass. His both the brothers, older one plays the role of Warblers in the Glee in the year 2009 and the younger brother Ross plays the role of Austin of the Austin and Ally which is played on the Disney channel in the year 2011.

As far as his relations are concerned, he is the second ranked cousin of Derek and Julianne Hough. As far as their maternal grand - mothers are concerned, they are sisters. His ancestor normally includes Scottish, English, Irish and German. Thus, he has a big joint family.

He is known to be the tallest member of the band R5. As far as his net worth is concerned, there is not much information available on the same. But being the famous personality, he is known to have good net worth and an attractive salary. Being a famous personality, he is having lots of followers on the social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. Many tweets. He has thousands of followers and thousands of people are following him. He is an active member of social networking site. He has uploaded many photos on twitter. He has thousands of likes on facebook. All the detailed information is available over there. He is a very small age person with more success achieved in life.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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