Scarlett Pomers is a famous actress and singer from America who is now working in the theatre and television industry.

Personal life

Scarlett Pomers who is also known as Scarlett Noel Pomers was born in America on the year 1988 on November 28th. She was the only child of her parents. From her childhood days, she had a great interest in music. She used to watch various rock music shows on the television. Seeing her intense dedication towards music, her parents admitted her to a music school where she started learning the basics.

Along with that, she also took guitar lessons. Due to her love for music, she learnt the basics very soon and started taking her rock music lessons. She also made several rock music performances and rose to prominence in the rock music, within a few years. Her excellent music talent fetched her, the opportunity to step into the world of theatre.

Scarlett did some rehearsals and took some training before finally appearing in front of the television screen. Her small appearances on the television were much preferred by the general masses and she got the chance to act in some of the films as well. She became quite famous among his followers for her great talents in acting along with the music.

During the year 2005, she came across to a disease known as anorexia nervosa which is generally an over-obsession for achieving a thin body. This treatment affected her career badly, as it took almost a year. As soon as she recovered from the treatment, she started doing some social work. Scarlett stood beside the agency known as National Eating Disorders Association as an ambassador to financially support the people, who were suffering from the same disease. By this time, she started working again and made several appearances to compensate the loss in her career. She also started taking regular yoga lessons for keeping herself fit and healthy.


Scarlett started her career quite earlier at the age of three. She made her first appearance in a music video of Michael Jackson during the year 1992. Her acting career started after two years in The Baby Sitters Club and also for some small roles in many television series. Her most renowned appearance as a child was in the film A Ring of Endless Light, which was a film by the Disney channel. In the Judging Army, Touched by an Angel, Slappy and the Stinkers and That's life her acting skills were praised as a child.

She started working on the silver screen as a lead actress from the year 1998. She got her first role as Naomi Wildman in the Voyager for continuous three years and joined Reba after this to play the lead role. Later during 2014, she also judged a talent hunt show and started concentrating on music again. She has achieved a number of awards in her music and acting career. She is quite young as compared to other actresses and has already achieved a lot of success and also owns a large amount of net worth.

Last Modified: Nov 15, 2020

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