Sheryl Underwood

Sheryl Underwood is a popular American TV host. She has hosted shows such as The Talk on CBS, which began in 2011 and is still going strong. At the same time, she has acted in several movies and TV shows as well. Some of her noteworthy performances have been in the TV series The Young and the Restless and The Comeback. She is also known to be a great comedienne. She has appeared in several comedy shows, especially the BET Comic View, which she hosts. She was also the first woman finalist in the Miller Lite Comedy Talent Search of 1989. This is a brief biography of this multitalented personality.

Early Life and Beginning of Career

Sheryl Underwood was born on October 28, 1963. Her birthplace is Little Rock in Arkansas. She is an African-American. She completed her graduation from the University of Illinois in Chicago. She has a Bachelor of Arts qualification in Liberal Arts. She then went on to finish her post-graduation in Media Management and Mass Communication. This she secured through the Governors State University.

In the beginning of her career, Underwood was briefly a part of the US Armed Forces too. She worked in defense. She has now given up her military career for her other activities, and at times jokes about her time in the army.

She received attention when she participated in 1989’s Miller Lite Comedy Talent Search. At this competition, she was the first woman finalist. She then went on to earn the accolade of Funniest Female Comedian on Comic View in 1994, which was the BET award. In her early years, she was an immense success as a standup comedienne.

Beginning of Acting Career

Her acting career began with the 1998 movie titled I Got the Hook Up. She then played another role in Beauty Shop which was widely noticed. She also had brief parts in TV series such as The Young and the Restless, The Millers, Madam Secretary, and The Comeback.

Currently, she is quite occupied as a host of several television talk shows. She is one of the five hosts of The Talk. She has also hosted parts of Tom Joyner Morning Show and The Steve Harvey Morning Show. She appears on radio talk shows as well such as The Sheryl Underwood Show.

Personal Life

Sheryl Underwood had once been married to a man named Michael of whom very little is known. In 2011, it became known through social media websites such as Twitter that her husband of three years had committed suicide. Clinical depression was revealed to be the cause. However, Underwood herself has never spoken of her husband. She is not known to have any children from her husband.

There are certain quirks attributed to the way she presents herself publicly. For instance, she always makes sure that she uses a purse to match her attire of the day.

She is known for her strong political views too. It is quite well known among her fans that she adheres to a Republican ideology. Even so, she had promoted Ohama’s reelection in 2012. She is a member of the Zeta Phi Beta sorority and became its president in 2008.

Her net worth at present is estimated to be in the proximity of $2 million.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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